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Haman was hanged on the same tree that he had prepared for Mordechai - Esther 7, 10

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Photo of Judge Dr.Jur. Ewald (Ed) Metzler, Master of Comparative Law, The   Founder
and Father of Mosaistics
E.  Metzler-Moziani
Born  1936,  Herborn  (Germany); 1st State Examination in Law  1962  (Frankfurt);  Master  of  Comparative  Law 1965 (Dallas,  Texas);  Dr.  Jur.  1966 (Marburg/Lahn); 2nd State Examination  1969  (Frankfurt);  Lect.  1969–1972 Frankfurt University School of Law; Judge 1973–1978; discovered in 1983  the  3D  structure  of  the  Ten Commandments, and reconstructed  the  Tablets of the Law of Moses, complete and  precise  to  the  millimeter,  with  consequences  for many  other  fields  of  ancient  learning.
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The green background color of my new favicon  Favicon  stands for the Promised Land of Israel,
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with the Tablets of the Law of the Torah of Moses from the Sinai.


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Thank you for dropping in. Let me tell you a little about my work: It is the Science of Law focusing on the pre-monarchic period of Israel. Hence, this covers mainly the 480 years from the Exodus of the people of Israel from Egypt in 1441 B.C.E. to the time when King Solomon began to build the First Temple in the fourth year of his reign (1. Kings 6, 1), which is 961 B.C.E.

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Where this new field belongs, which I call MOSAISTICS, being the Scientific Study of the Law of Moses and Mosaical Antiquity, is within the Law School or Faculty of Law of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. What they do have is an Institute for Research in Jewish Law, which covers only the last 2000 years, but the Early Legal History of Israel, before the Kings of Judah, is missing.

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With my background in Roman Law and Comparative Law, I analyzed the Ten Commandments from the perspective of legal science - with no religious strings attached -, discovered their 3D structure in 1983, and reconstructed the two stone Tablets of the Law of the Torah of Moses from the Sinai, complete and precise to the millimeter. My reconstruction fits like a glove into the Ark.

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Although I am Jew, religion is no prerequisite of my scientific work, which is addressed to my fellow legal scientists around the globe, whether religious or not, as well as to other scientists, interested on account of the interdisciplinary ramifications of my subject. Moreover, the text of the Ten Commandments differs in meaning in the ancient Republic of Israel, and the later monarchy.

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By fitting the Tablets of the Law into the Ark of the Covenant, I found their geometry, and discovered the Metzler Formula on cubits and Bats. Apart from their legal and religious significance, the Mosaical Tablets of the Law set the standards for ancient weights and measures, not only in Israel, but also in neighboring countries, leaving Israel’s metrological fingerprint on chronology.

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P. S.: I’d love to teach Mosaistics at a university, preferably, of course, within the Law School or Faculty of Law; just email me to

See my books in the catalogue of the Jewish National and University Library in Jerusalem, Israel, and in the official German Books in Print (VLB 1996-98) of the German Booksellers’ Association.

Know The  Metzler  Formula (named after Dr. Ed   Metzler)?                                         
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