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Standing in front of the Western Wall of the Temple Mount in our Virtual Jerusalem, we remember that it was here where King Solomon began to build the First Temple in the fourth year of his reign (1. Kings 6, 1), which is 961 B.C.E., since he became King of Israel in 965 B.C.E. upon the death of his father King David (cf. the Encyclopaedia Judaica vol. 15 at 98).

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The length of the buildings and objects on the Jerusalem Temple Mount is described in cubits, while the capacity of vessels is given in Royal Bats. One cubit (Hebrew Ammah) extends from the elbow to the tip of the middle finger, the official ancient Israelite cubit measuring 44.63 cm, while the Royal Bat (Hebrew Bat le-Melekh), which is also called Ephah, holds 22.2 liters.

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One outstanding object in the First Temple of Jerusalem was the Brazen Sea, a huge vessel cast of molten brass or bronze, holding 2000 Bats and measuring 30 cubits round about, as described in 1. Kings 7, 23-26. After its destruction in 586 B.C.E., the description was no longer understood, since 2. Chronicles 4, 2 erroneously emends the 2000 Bats of 1. Kings 7, 23 to read 3000 Bats.

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Whatever this hitherto obscure passage on the Brazen Sea meant, one thing was for sure, namely that its correct interpretation must disclose the relation between cubits and Bats, thus postulating the metrological system, which I discovered, cf. Ed Metzler, Dicovering Mosaistics (Herborn 1989) pp. 24-25; idem, On Mosaical Matrixes and the Metzler Formula (Herborn 1997) p. 29.

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The central object around which the whole First Temple of Jerusalem was built was the Ark of the Covenant in its Holy of Holies. There was nothing in the Ark save the two stone Tablets of the Law with the Ten Commandments inscribed on them, which Moses put there at Mount Horeb in the Sinai, when the people of Israel came out of the land of Egypt (1. Kings 8, 9).

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