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Mosaical Religions evolved from idolizing the Tablets of the Law of Moses.

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“In  the  year  480  after  the  Exodus  of the
children  of Israel from Egypt, in the fourth
year  of Solomon’s reign over Israel, in the
month  of  Ziv, which is the second month,
he began to build the Temple for YaHUH.”

1. Kings 6, 1


Mosaical  Jurisprudence  and  the  Evolution  of
God  in  Mosaical  Religions*

by Dr. Ed Metzler

Dr. Metzler-Moziani (Photo), The Metzler Formula

       §   1.  Jurisprudence,  unlike  theology,  is  an
academic  field,  which  is  irrespective of religious
beliefs   or   the   lack   thereof,   as  illustrated  by
blindfolded  allegorical  representations  of  Justice.
While  it may be deemed desirable for a student or
professor  of  theology to believe in the absurdities
of   religious   superstitions,   such  constraints  are


            *Dedicated  to  the  memory  of  Hans  Peter,  late professor of
Roman Law at the University of Zürich, the first jurist to recognize my
work  on the Mosaical Tablets of the Law as objects of legal research.
[This  article was first published in the Internet on September 18, 2008
=  Elul  18, 5768 at https://moziani.tripod.com/religion/ammm_2_5.htm.]


Ed  Metzler

inapplicable  to  legal  scientists,  who are perfectly
free, and entitled to be religious skeptics, agnostics
or  atheists as well as religious believers, as long as
they  do not allow their personal biases to interfere
with  their  professional  judgment. For this reason
I  take pride in the fact that it was not a theologian,
but  a distinguished jurist, the late Lord Chancellor,
the  Rt.  Hon.  Lord  Hailsham  of St. Marylebone,
who  wrote  a  foreword  to  my  last book entitled
the  Scientific  Study  of  the  Law  of  Moses  and
Mosaical  Antiquity
       §  2.  The  two  stone  Tablets  of the Law of
the  Torah  of  Moses  from  the  Sinai  are  bones
of contention between theology and jurisprudence:


            1)   Cf.   Ed   Metzler,   DISCOVERING   MOSAISTICS,   Intro-
duction  to  the  Scientific  Study of the Law of Moses and Mosaical
,  Cumulative  Reprint  of  AMMM  (Archives for Mosaical
Metrology  and  Mosaistics)  vol.  1,  nos. 15 with forewords by the
Rt.  Hon.  Lord  Hailsham  of  St.  Marylebone,  KG,  CH,  FRS,  DCL,
formerly   Lord   High   Chancellor   of   England,   and   by  Professor
Emeritus   Dr.   Johann   Knobloch,   University   of  Bonn,  Germany
(Herborn   1989)   p.  7,  and  192  Note  8:  “The  point  is  that  it  was
a   former   judge   who  discovered  all  about  the  Mosaical  Tablets
of   the  Law.  After  all,  Moses  was  not  a  theologian,  but  a  judge
best  understood  by  his  brethren on the bench.” See below Note 2.


Evolution  of  God

Doubtless Moses was a professional judge who sat
on   the  bench  from  morning  to  evening.2) With
regard  to  his  Tablets  of the Law theologians are
judicial  laymen.3)  Their  incompetence prevented
them  from  contributing  anything  to the research
concerning  the  so-called  “Ten  Commandments”
on   the   Tablets  of  the  Law.4)   When  the  box
with  the  two  stone  tablets was finally deposited,
centuries  after  Moses,  in  the  Holy  of Holies of
the  Temple  in  Jerusalem  their function changed
from  a  legal  document into an object of religious
worship,  as  I already wrote in the introduction to


            2)  Cf.  Exodus  18,  13-26,  “Moses  sat  to  judge  the  people:
and the people stood by Moses from the morning  to  the  evening.”
Since  his  work  load  was  too  heavy,  Moses delegated his powers
to  lower  judges  over  thousands,  hundreds,  fifties, and tens, who
“judged  the  people  at  all  seasons:  the  hard causes they brought
unto   Moses,   but   every  small  matter  they  judged  themselves.”
Hence  Moses  organized  the  judicial  structure of the premonarchic
period  of  the  Judges  of  the  ancient  Republic  of  Israel.
            3)  Thearrowdeification  of  the Tablets of the Law resulted from
their  accommodation  in  the  temple  almost  500  years  after Moses
had  made  them,  thus  idolizing  the  very same stone that prohibits
idol  worship,  and  naming  Israel’s  god  YaHUH  after  its first two
words,  cf.  Ed Metzler, Discovering Mosaistics (N. 1) pp.arrow13946.
Neither  Jesus  was  responsible  for  his  ownarrowdeification  nor was
Moses  for  that  of  his  Tablets  of  the  Law,  which took place only
in  the  centuries  after  their  death, and violates the ban on idolatry.
            4)  Theology  traditionally,  but falsely translates the name of


Ed  Metzler

my book entitled “TORAH OF THE ALPHABET,
Reconstruction  of  the  2  Tablets  of Moses in the
Original   Alphabet
”,   which   I  wrote  under  the
pen-name  ELIYAHU  MOZIANI.5) 

A.  The  Early  Legal  History  of  Israel
from  Exodus  to  Monarchy
(1441961  B.C.E.)

       §  3.  Religion  is  the  opium  of   the  people,
according  to  a  great  Jewish  philosopher,  native
of  Trier  (Trèves),  Germany,  and  Moses  shared


the  text  on  the  Tablets  of  the  Law  of  the  Torah  of Moses as the
“Ten  Commandments”,  and  similarly  in  other  languages. Yet, they
are  nowhere  called  thearrow10 Mitzwot “commandments” in the Bible,
but  the  10  Devarim  (Exodus  34,  28),  which means the “10 words”,
literally  translated  into  Greek  as  “decalogue”.  As  I  discovered,  it
refers  to  the  10  boustrophedon  lines on the tablets, cf. Ed Metzler,
Discovering  Mosaistics  (N.  1)  p.arrow7274.
            5)  Eliyahu Moziani,arrowTORAH OF THE ALPHABET, Recon-
struction   of   the   2   Tablets  of  Moses  in  the  Original  Alphabet
translated   from   the   2nd   German   edition   (1984)   by  the  author,
2nd  English  ed.  (Herborn  1985),  p.arrow18.  A  demythologizing  side-
effect  is  inevitable  after  having  succeeded  in  fully reconstructing
the  original  Tablets of the Law (Ibid. p. 17). As a young law student
in  Marburg,  I  had  the  privilege  to hear the great Rudolf Bultmann
inspiring  my  demythologizing the “Old Testament” or Hebrew Bible.


Evolution  of  God

this  negative  attitude  to  religion,  as I concluded
at  an  early  age  from  the  plain  meaning  of the
so-called  “Ten  Commandments”,  which prohibit
idol  worship, that appears so intimately connected
with  religion.6)  For  emancipation  from slavery is
the  goal  of the Exodus of Israel from Egypt, and
of  modern  proletarian  revolutions: The author of
the  Decalogue  describes  himself as, “I who have
led  you  out  of  the  land  of  misery (Mitzrayim)
i.  e.  Egypt,  out  of  the  house  of  bondage,”  or
more  literally,  “out of the house of slaves.”7) The
injunction  against  any  kind  of  idolatry  aims  at


            6)  The  expression,  “religion  is  the  opium  of  the  people,”
is  by  Karl  Marx,  Zur  Kritik  der  Hegelschen  Rechtsphilosophie,
Einleitung,  first  published  in  “Deutsch-Französische  Jahrbücher”
(Paris  1844),  i.e.  Introduction  to  A  Contribution  to the Critique
of  the  Hegelian  Philosophy  of  Law
  (written  at  the end of 1843).
Christian  deification  of  humans,  such  as  Jesus  of  Nazareth  and
his  mother  as  the  “Mother  of  God”  and  the “Queen of Heaven”
accompanied  by  a  host  of  idolized  saints  as  well as the worship
of  their  images  in  Roman  Catholic  and  Greek Orthodox churches
constitutes a continuation ofarrowGraeco-Roman paganism in flagrant
violation  of  the  Mosaical  ban  on  idolatry.
            7)  As  the  opening  of  the  Aeneid, “Ille ego qui quondam
refers  to  its  author  Virgil,  the  “Anokhi Asher Hotzetikha” at the
incipit  of  the  Decalogue  refers to none other than toarrowMoses, the
author  of  the  Torah  “teaching”  of  Moses from the Sinai. Concern
for  the  plight  of  the  proletariat  is  part  of  the  Mosaical  heritage
of  Karl  Marx.    In  Hebrew  Egypt spells Metzarim “oppression”.


Ed  Metzler

instilling  self-respect  into  the  minds  of liberated
former  slaves,  so  as to shed their slave mentality
by  learning  not to bow down themselves to idols,
nor  to  serve  them  as  slaves.8)
       §  4.  The Decalogue is anarrowatheist manifesto,
for  itsarrowban  on  idolatry is anti-religious in nature.
However,  the  first  three  words  of the so-called
“Ten  Commandments”  in most Bible translations
begin,  “I  am  the  Lord  thy  God,”  whereas  the
word  Elohim  “God”  in  Early  Biblical  Hebrew
of  the  Judges  of  Israel  from  Moses to Samuel
was  synonymous  with  Dayanim “judges”.9) The


            8)  The  ratio  legis  or  legislative  intent  for  the  prohibition
of   making  idols,  immediately  after  having  escaped  from  slavery,
was  to  prevent  reenslavement  by  religious  fraud  and  deception:
Lo  tishtachaweh  lahem!  Don’t bow down to nobody and nothing!
Lo  ta‘avdem!  Don’t  be  a  slave,  never  ever  again!  (Exodus  20, 5
=   Deuteronomy   5,   9);  cf.  Ed  Metzler,  The  Impact  of  Israel  on
Western  Philosophy,  (Herborn  1993)  p.  25  Notearrow40.
            9)   It   was  an  eye-opening  ahá-experience,  when  I  learned
three   decades  ago  from  my  teacher,  the  orthodox  rabbi  Yehuda
Ben   Baruch  Hakohen  Julian  Federbusch
,  to  whom  I  dedicated
my   book  TORAH  OF  THE ALPHABET (supra Notearrow5), that the
word  Elohim  doesarrownot  mean  “God”  in  Exodus 22, but “human”
judges,  who  are  to  award punitive double damages to the plaintiff,
as  confirmed  by  Rashi,  and  the  King  James  Version.  As a jurist,
I  realized  that  the  word  Elohim  on  the  Tablets  of  the Law must
have  referred  to  Moses  originally  in  Early  Biblical  Hebrew.  Even
Samuel  is  still  referred  to  as thearrowElohim by the witch of En-Dor.


Evolution  of  God

second  word  is  neither  “am”,  which is not there
at  all,  nor  “the  Lord”,  but  the  Tetragrammaton
or  the  four-letter  name  of  Israel’s  national God
YaHUH  (Yahuweh).10)  The etymology of YaHUH
is  not  borrowed  from  any  foreign  language, but
genuinely  Israelite  in origin, and correctly equated
in  the  Bible  with  Ehiyeh  “I shall be”, and hence
the  opening  three  words  of  the  Decalogue refer
to  its  author  Moses,  who  writes  about  himself,
Anokhi  “I”  Ehiyeh  “shall  be”  your  Judge,  i. e.
the  firstarrowPresident  of  the  Republic.11)


            10)  It  gives  me shivers to heararrowNazi theologians pronounce
the  name  of  the  God  of  Israel  with an air of mistaken complacency
as  a  disyllabic  guttural  Yakh-weh,  while  I  would  much  prefer  the
good   old-fashioned   Jehovah,   not   only   because   his  Witnesses
so  bravely resistedarrowHitler, but also because the trisyllabic spelling
allows  the  correct pronunciation of the intervocalic “h”-sound. That
is  why  I  have  proposed  to  render  the  Tetragrammaton as YaHUH
or  Yahuweh,  cf.  TORAH  OF  THE  ALPHABET  (N.  5)  p.  110; and
Ed  Metzler,  Discovering  Mosaistics  (N.  1)  pp.arrow14042.
            11)  We  are  fortunate  to  have  the  biblical  etymology of  the
Tetragrammaton  in  Exodus  3,  1315,  which  obviously  was  written
by  an  expert  of  early  Hebrew  literature  and  linguistic history, who
Etymology of  the Tetragrammaton    must have had access to sources
that  were  still  extant  at his time,
but   have  long  since  been  lost.
The  missing  link  that  connects
YaHUH  (Yahuweh),  and  AHIH  (Ehiyeh)  “I  shall  be” is the archaic
*AHUHarrow(Ahuweh)  “I  shall  be” of  Mosaical Hebrew, at the incipit
of  the  Decalogue,  which  gave  rise  to  the  proper  name of  YaHUH.


Ed  Metzler

       §  5.  Premonarchic  Israel  was  no theocracy,
but  an  anti-religious  secular  Republic, whose first
self-proclaimed  head  of  state  Moses was no God,
but  Supreme  Judge (Elohim) commanding, “Thou
shalt  have  no  other  judges  (Elohim) before me.”
The  ancient  Republic  of  Israel,  founded in 1441
B.C.E.,  is  the  oldest  democracy  on  earth.12)  Its
constitution,  the  so-called  “Ten  Commandments”
written  inarrow10  boustrophedon  lines  of  32 letters
each  on  the  two  stone  Tablets  of the Law, was
adopted   in  the  Sinai  desert  in  the  third  month
after  the  Exodus.13)  By  celebrating  the  Passover
holidays  in  the  spring  of  every  subsequent year,
beginning  on  the  fourteenth  day  at  the  evening


            12)  According  to  1.  Kings  6,  1,  the  year  of  the  Exodus  is
calculated  by  adding  480  years  to  the 4th year of Solomon’s reign
over  Israel,  which  is  961 B.C.E., since he became King in 965 B.C.E.,
cf.  Encyclopaedia  Judaica,  (1974)  vol.  15  at  98;  and  Ed  Metzler,
Discovering  Mosaistics  (N.  1)  pp.  6667  Notearrow5. Translating the
Greek  word  demo-cracy  back  into  Hebrew  yields Ol-am, originally
meaning  the  “rule”  (Ol)  of  the  “people”  (Am);  cf.  Isaiah  63,  11;
Ed  Metzler,  Western  Philosophy  (N.  8)  p.  18  Notearrow28.
            13) The Jewish Anno Mundi era, purporting to count the years
after the Creation of the World (Beri’at ha-Olam) in 3761 B.C.E., is in
fact the Exodus Era in cipher, encrypted by adding 2320, standing for
the  320  letters  on the 2 tablets of the Torah of Moses from the Sinai,
by  which  the  ancientarrowRepublic  (Ol  Am)  of  Israel  was  founded.


Evolution  of  God

in  the  first  month  of  the  second  year after their
liberation, the people of Israel have commemorated
their  Exodus  from  Egypt  up  to  the present time,
making  the  Jewish  chronology  of the Exodus Era
the  safest  in  the  history  of  mankind.14) 

B.  Judaism:  Perverting  Law  into  Religion
by  Idolizing  the  Tablets  of  Moses
that  Prohibit  Idol  Worship

       §  6.  Over  400  years  after its foundation, the
ancient   Republic   of  Israel  was  replaced  by  an
idolatrous  monarchy  with thearrowterritorial expansion


            14)  See  Ed  Metzler, Conflict of Laws in the Israelite Dynasty
of  Egypt,  (Herborn  1991)  p.  23  Notearrow37.  The  credibility  of  the
biblical  Exodus  date  (1441  B.C.E.)  was  still  defended by the great
German  orientalist  Heinrich  Ewald,  Geschichte  des  Volkes Israel,
5  volumes  (Göttingen  18431855)  vol.  1  pp.  560 seq., considering
the  480  years  of  1.  Kings  6,  1  as  “the  safe historical basis for all
Hebrew  chronology.”  However,  the situation changed with the rise
of  Egyptology,  which has turned into aarrowcesspool of anti-Semitism
to  this  very  day, cf. Richard Lepsius, Die Chronologie der Ägypter,
(Berlin  1849)  Preface  (p.  13):  “ich  . . .  die  480  Jahre vom Auszuge
bis  zum  Tempelbaue,  gänzlich fallen ließ,” thus deleting Israel from
the  Books  of  History  in the century before Auschwitz: Ed  Metzler,
Israelite  Identity  (N.  1)  p.  176  Notearrow36.


Ed  Metzler

due  to  the  victories  of  the  last  generals  of  the
ancient  Israelite  Republic,  who  became  the first
Kings  of  Israel  by  marrying into the matriarchal
dynasty  of  Egypt.15)  Thereby they established the
Israelite  (18th)  Dynasty  of  Egypt, also known as
the  House  of  King  David-Thutmosis  I,  while
reducing  Israel,  its  land  of  origin, to the humble
status  of  an  Egyptian province, thus resubmitting
their  people  to  slavery  and idolatry.16) Only after
the  Republic,  for  which  the  tablets  stood,  was
abolished  by  the  first  three  Kings  of Israel, the
Tablets  of  the  Law  were  contra  legem deified,
and  turned  into  objects  of  idol  worship.17) This


            15)  In  consequence  of  the  territorial expansion, thearrowword
Olam “Republic” came to mean thearrow“world” of the Israelite Empire
of   King  Solomon-Thutmosis  II  and his successorarrowThutmosis III.
            16)  The  Israelite  (18th)  dynasty  of  Egypt  was  unheard-of
before I first  mentioned  it  in  my  book  “Discovering  Mosaistics”,
cf. Ed Metzler, Conclict  of  Laws  (N.  14)  pp.arrow4  and arrow32.
            17)  The  future  development  was  foreshadowed  at  the end
of   the  premonarchic  period,  when, under the JudgearrowEli, the Ark
of  the  Covenant  of  YaHUH  (Yahuweh),  the God  of  the Tzeva’ot
“armies”,   was   brought   into  the  camp  from  Shiloh  in  the  belief
that  “it  may  save  us  out  of  the  hand  of  our enemies,” who said,
“God  is  come  into  the  camp”  (1. Samuel 4, 37). Yet, the Hebrews
lost  the  battle  and  thearrowArk,  which  was  returned  to them seven
months  later  (1.  Samuel  6,  1)  by  their  superstitious enemies, who
blamed  it  for  the  plague,  by  which  they  were  smitten.


Evolution  of  God

happened  when  King  Solomon-Thutmosis  II,  a
notorious  idolater,  built  a  Temple  for  YaHUH
(Yahuweh,  alias  Jehovah)  in  Jerusalem.18)
       §  7.  Linguistically Jehovah is a Mondegreen
derived from the Hebrew incipit of the Decalogue.
After  7  years  the  temple was finished (1. Kings
6,  3738),  and  dedicated  by  bringing  the  Ark
of  the  Covenant  (Aron  Berit  YaHUH)  into its
Holy  of  Holies.19)  There  was  nothing in the ark
save the two stone tablets, which Moses put there


            18)  According  to  the  world-view of King Solomon’s Empire
his  reign  extended  to  the  four  corners  of  the  then-known  earth,
so  that  the  semantic  connotation  of  Hebrew  Olam  shifted   from
the   now  defunct  “Republic”  to  the  “World”, and,  similarly,  was
the   Exodus  Era,  counting  the  years  after  the  foundation  of  the
ancient  Republic  of  Israel,  substituted  by thearrowAnno Mundi era.
In  the  age  of  the  prophet  Isaiah,  who  lived  around  750  B.C.E.,
when  Rome  was  founded  in  753  B.C.E.,  which  is some 200 years
after  King  Solomon,  and  some  700  years  after  the Exodus of the
people  of  Israel  from  Egypt  in  1441  B.C.E.,  the  Olam  “Republic
of  Moses  and  his  people”  (Isaiah  63,  11)  seemed  already  so far
away  and  long  ago  that  Olam  adopted the additional meaning of
the  temporal  aspect  “from  times  immemorial,  forever  or  Eternity”.
A  remarkable  fact  for  the  truthfulness  of  biblical  historiography
is  the  description  of  King  Solomon’s  idolatry in 1. Kings 11, 1-10,
which  amounts  to  saying  that  the  origin  of  Jewish  religion is as
idolatrous  as  those  of  neighboring countries, since the deification
of  the  Mosaical  Tablets  of  the  Law  in  the First  Temple  was the
work  of  one  and  the  same  idolatrous  king.
            19)  Cf.  1.  Kings  8,  6.  The  dedication  of  the  First  Temple
built  by  King  Solomon  in  Jerusalem  took 14 days (1. Kings 8, 65).


Ed  Metzler

at  Mount  Horeb  in  the  Sinai  after  the Exodus
of  the  people  of  Israel  from  Egypt  (1.  Kings
8,  9).  By  depositing  the  Ark  with  the  Tablets
in  the  Holy  of Holies, King Solomon made gods
out  of  wood  and  stone.20)  Their  deification led
to  perverting  the  Mosaical  Tablets  of  the Law
by  idolizing  the  very  same  stone  that prohibits
idol  worship,  and  distorting  the  10 lines written
by  Moses  into 10 spoken words of God.21) When
deposited  in  the  Holy  of  Holies of the Temple,
the  juridical  incipit  “I  shall be your Judge,” was
mistaken  as  “I  am  Shelby  your  God.”22)
       §  8.  The idolatrous origin of Jewish religion
obviously  was  embarrassing  to later generations,
as  can  be  seen from the prophet Jeremiah, who


            20)  Neither  the  acacia  wood  of  the  Ark  of the Covenant
nor  thearrowgranite  of  the  two  stone  Tablets of the Law of Moses
had  any  supernatural  qualities,  which  would  ensure  victory  in
battle (see above Notearrow17),  when  defending Israel or Jerusalem.
As   styrofoam  is  used  today  for  packing,  the  spaces  between
the   tablets,  and  the  wood  on  either  side,  were  filled  with  the
uninscribedarrow“broken  tablets”,  needed  for grabbing the Tablets
of  the  Law  in  order  to  read  theirarrowreverse  sides.
            21)  The  divinearrowspeech  act  of Theology is secondary to
MosaicalarrowJurisprudence, cf. Discovering Mosaistics (N. 1) p. 17.
            22)  The  terminus  a  quo  for  the  divine  name  YaHUH  is


Evolution  of  God

writes  (Jeremiah  3,  16):  They  shall say no more,
“The   ark   of  the  covenant  of  YaHUH,  neither
shall  it  come to mind, neither shall they remember
it,  neither  shall  they  visit  it,  neither shall that be
done  any  more”.23) According to a Talmudic myth,
after  the  destruction  of  the  Jerusalem Temple in
586  B.C.E.,  the  Genius of Idolatry emerged from
its  Holy  of  Holies  like  a  young fiery lion, letting
out  a  roar,  heard  over  400  parasangs.24)  Hence
there  has  always  been  an  awareness of the close
connection  between  idolatry  and  the  Ark.  Even
though   it  wasarrowinaccessible  in  the  First Temple,


precisely  defined  in  the  conversation  between  God  and  Moses  in
Exodus  6,  3, which  reads:  “And  I  appeared (Vaera) unto Abraham,
unto   Isaac,   and  unto  Jacob,  by  the  name  of  God  Almighty,  but
by  my  name  YaHUH  (Yahuweh), aliasarrowJehovah, was I not known
to   them.”  What  is  rendered  above  as  “God  Almighty”  translates
the  original  El  Shaddai,  which  in  my opinion refers toarrowShedetite,
the  god  of  Fayoum  (ancient  Egyptian  Shedet),  whence the people
of  Israel  left  on  thearrowFayoum Exodus Route. Since YaHUH derives
from  the  incipit  of  the  Decalogue,  it  is  clear that this name cannot
be  prior  to  Moses,  who  first  inscribed  it  on the Tablets of the Law.
Moreover,  the  use  of  this  name  for  the  national  God  of Israel by
neighboring  countries  cannot  be  older  than  the  deification  of  the
Tablets  of  the Law in the First Temple, cf.arrowJohannes de Moor, The
Rise  ofarrowYahwism,  (Louvain  1990)  pp.  111117.
            23)  This  sounds  as  if  Jeremiah  were saying, good riddance,
whereasarrowEli  dropped dead, when the Ark was lost (1. Samuel 4, 17).
            24)  Cf. Raphael  Patai,  The  Hebrew  Goddess,  (1967)  pp. 23,


Ed  Metzler

and  absent  in  the  Holy  of  Holies of the Second
Temple  in  Jerusalem,  the  national  God of Israel
still  takes  his  name  from  the  idolized  incipit of
the  Mosaical  Tablets  of  the  Law.25) 

C.  Christianity:  Perversion  of  Perversion,
Worshipping  a  Human  Corpse
instead  of  2  Stones

       §  9.  Jesus  is no God, nor is his mother Mary
the  Mother  of  God, although this is the dogma of
the Roman-Catholic and Greek-Orthodox churches.


24  and  25,  Introduction  no.  4: “The Genius of Idolatry,” especially
text  accompanying  Notes  68; further Zechariah 5, 8; B. Yoma 69b;
and  B.  Sanhedrin  64a.  See  also  Claus Schedl,  Zur Theologie des
Alten  Testaments,  der  Göttliche Sprachvorgang in Schöpfung und
Geschichte   (Wien  1986)  pp.  3034.  As  I  found  out  in  1983,  the
original  meaning ofarrowDavar in Early Biblical Hebrew was “drift” for
the  graphic  concept  of  one  of  the  10  boustrophedon lines of the
ploughing  bull  being  “driven”  in  alternating  writing directions on
the   Tablets  of  the  Law,  cf.  Ed  Metzler,  Discovering  Mosaistics
(N.  1)  p.  74  Notearrow22.
            25)  On  the  absolute  emptiness  of  the Holy of Holies of the
Second  Temple in Jerusalem, cf. Josephus Flavius, The Jewish War,
Book  5,  Chapter  V,  §  5:  No  matter whether inaccessible or empty,
religious  insanity  is  a  collective  mental  sickness which continues
to  exist  independent  of  any  basis  in  the  world  of  reality.


Evolution  of  God

Why  I call Christianity the perversion of perversion
is  because  it  substitutes  the  deification of the two
Mosaical  Tablets  of  the  Law,  which prohibit idol
worship,   by  the  deification  of  Jesus,  a  man  of
flesh   and   blood.26)  In  this  way,  the  incarnation
of  Jesus  replaces  the  law  of  the  Decalogue, and
the  womb  of  his  mother  Mary  takes the place of
the   Ark   of   the  Covenant,  the  New  Testament
replaces  the  Hebrew  Bible,  and  the Christian Era
the  Jewish  Anno  Mundi  era.27)  Hence the Church
claims  the  place  of  the  people  of  Israel,  and its


            26)   Thus  one  idolatry  leads  to  the  next:  After  idolizing  the
wood  and  stone  of  thearrowArk  of  the  Covenant  and  the Tablets of
the   Law  with  the  Decalogue,  the  next  step  was  for  the  Logos  to
become  flesh  by  the  incarnation  of Jesus of Nazareth, as Saint John
writes   at  the  beginning  of  his  gospel,  cf.  Claus  Schedl,  (N.arrow24)
p.  34:  “Was  Johannes  im  Prolog  zu  seinem  Evangelium  fomulierte,
ist  nicht  griechisches  Denken, sondern gestraffte Zusammenfassung
des  Schöpfungsberichtes  der  Genesis”,  and  p.  238. The  Jewish era
of  thearrowCreation  of  the  World  is  a  mystification of the Exodus Era,
as  I  pointed  outarrowbefore:  In  the same way as Hebrew Olam “world”
derives  from  the  rule  (Ol)  of  the people (Am), i. e. “democracy”, the
story  of  creation  by  the  10 words (arrowAvot 5, 1) was composed after
the  foundation  of  the  ancient  Republic  of  Israel  by the Decalogue.
The  etymology  ofarrowHebrew  Davár  “word”  and  Dabbér “to speak”
originally  means  “to  drive  people”,  as  in  Psalms  47,  4,  or cattle as
in   boustrophedon  lines  of  writing,  whence  the  word  for  speaking
in  Hebrew.  Exodus  20,  1  refers  to  both  the  divine  speech act, and
to  thearrowolder  judicial  writing   act  of  Moses,  thearrowJudge (Elohim).
            27)  The  womb  of  Saint  Mary  is  likened  to  the  new  Ark  of


Ed  Metzler

anti-Jewish policy, known as replacement theology,
is  its only “creative” accomplishment, which is an
identity  theft  of  the  cultural  heritage  of  Israel,
leading  to  the  physical  extermination  of Jews in
the  Inquisition  and  the  Holocaust.28)
       §  10.  The  Protestant  Reformation  has had
an  ambiguous  effect  with regard to Judaism, and
the  Hebrew  Bible,  being the national literature of
the   people   of  Israel.  While Martin  Luther  re-
fused  to give up the Roman-Catholic hocus-pocus
of  transsubstantiation29)  at the 1529 disputation in


the  Covenant  or  to  the  Ark  of  the New Covenant in thearrowLitany
of  the  Blessed  Virgin  Mary,  which  is of  particular interest during
the  four  weeks  of  Advent  before  Christmas,  the  alleged  birth of
Jesus  of  Nazareth,  which  supposedly started the commonly  used
Christian  Era.  However,  Herod,  the  King  ofarrowJudea  at  the  time
of  his  birth  (St.  Matthew  chapter 2), died already inarrow4 B.C.E., so
that  Jesus  must  have  been  born  before  then,  and  probably  was
in  7  B.C.E.,  if  the  star  of  Bethlehem  was  correctly interpreted by
Johannes  Kepler as aarrow conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn. Yet, the
generally  accepted  birthday  of  Jesus  may  have  been deliberately
chosen,  because  it  establishes  a  numerical  relation  with  the  Era
of  the  Exodus  and  the  Decalogue,  since  it  places  the beginning
of  the  new  era  1441  years  after  the  Exodus  and  the  Decalogue,
which  is  1+4+4+1=10 orarrowboth  hands  palms  up.
            28)  Thearrowcultural  Holocaust  deleting Israel from the books
ofarrowancient  History  took place already in thearrowcentury before the
phyicial  extermination  of  6  million  Jews  by  Germany.
            29)  Hocus-pocus is sham Latin forarrow“Hoc est corpus meum”
or make-believe in magic change of bread  into thearrowCorpus Christi.


Evolution  of  God

Marburg  with  the  Swiss  reformerarrowZwingli from
Zürich,   Luther  also  held on toarrow Roman-Catholic
anti-Semitism  and  the  Christian deicide-lie, which
blames   the  death  of  Jesus  of  Nazareth  on  the
Jews,  although  even  the  demagogic  narration  of
the  gospels  reports  that  Jesus  was  sentenced  to
death  by  a Roman judge, and executed by Roman
soldiers  by  the  very  Roman  crucifixion.30)  Thus
Lutheran andarrowRoman-Catholic anti-Semitism with
their  influence  on  the  German  national character
laid   the  foundations  for  the  holocaust,  whereas
Western   Protestantism   took   a  different  course
inarrowEngland  and  the  Netherlands.31)


            30)  On  Good  Friday,  the  new  German  pope  should pray for
himself  and  the  Romans,arrowOremus et pro perfidis Romanis, instead
of  returning  to  insulting  the  Jews  in 2008. From the mouth ofarrowthe
Grand Inquisitor this reminds ofarrowAutodafés and forced conversions
to  Roman  Catholicism,  since  Ratzinger  was  the  head of the former
Inquisition  asarrowPrefect  of  the  Congregation  for the Doctrine of the
Faith.  If  somebody  must  take  the  blame for the so-calledarrowDeicide
orarrow“Gottesmord”  of  Jesus,  it  is  up  to  the  Romans.
            31)  In Luther’s Wittenberg and Ratzinger’sarrowRegensburg the
churches  stink with the anti-Semitism of theirarrowJudensau-sculptures
indoctrinating  German Nazi scum for centuries. Inarrowthis environment
Hitler  grew  up  inarrowBraunau,  about  10  miles  fromarrowMarktl, where
Ratzinger  was born into similar petit-bourgeois conditions, spending
his  formative  years  as a teenager in thearrowHitler Youth organization
followed  by  his  military  service  in  Hitler’s  army.


Ed  Metzler

       §  11.  Christianity  is a dormant killer religion,
at   least   as  far  as  the  Roman  Catholic  church
is  concerned,  whose infamousarrowInquisition lasted
in  Italy  until  the  mid-nineteenth  century.32)  The
Catholic  massacre  onarrowSt.  Batholomew  of 1572
in  Paris  against  French  Protestantism  will never
be  forgotten,  nor  will  the  murder,  in  1584,  of
William  of  Nassau-Orange,  nor  will  the  defeat
of  the  Spanish  Armada  in  1588.33)  In  the  light
of   this  history  of  the  Roman  Catholic  church,
which  has  nothing  in common with the teachings
of  Jesus  Christ  in  the  Sermon  on  the  Mount,
no  self-respecting  Protestant  Christian  will have
any  dealings  with  Roman  Catholics.34) They are


            32) The Inquisition, abolished during the French Revolution,
was  reintroduced  in  Spain  and  Italy  after  Napoléon’s  downfall.
As  late  as  1852,  a  couple  who  had  converted  to  Protestantism,
were  sentenced  by the Inquisition to forced labor as galley-slaves.
            33)  Another  futile  attempt  to recatholicize Western Europe
by  brute  force,  that  failed  already  in  the  Netherlands.
            34)  Such  as  joint  church  services  with  Roman  Catholics,
who   do   not   even   recognize  Protestant  churches,  as  officially
stated  by  the  new  head of the InquisitionarrowCardinal Levada on
June  29,  2007,  adopted  in  Plenary  Session  of  the  Congregation
for  the  Doctrine  of  the  Faith,  and  ratified  by  the  Pope: “Those
Christian  Communities  born  out  of  the 16th-century Reformation
cannot  be  called  "Churches"  in  the  proper  sense.”


Evolution  of  God

neither  Christians  nor  a church, but an unbiblical
idolatrous  cult  of  Mary,  the  mother of Jesus of
Nazareth,   that  must  be  renamed  Marianism  in
contradistinction  to  Christianity,  since  it  has  no
basis  in  the  New  Testament.35) 

D.  Islam:  the  Arab  Perfection  of  Madness,
Fighting  the  Collective  Insanity
of  Killer  Religions

       §  12.  Allah  is  no  God,  nor is Mohammed
a  prophet.  Islam  is  not  an innocent illusion, but
a  serious case in the psychopathology of religions.


            35) The abominable Marianist cult of “our Lady”, as practised
in  Czenstochowa,  Poland,  Lourdes,  France,  Fátima, Portugal, and
Guadalupe,  México,  is  indispensable  to  Roman  Catholic  religion,
while   it  isarrowtotally  unacceptable to all Protestant churches. Hence
the  Roman  Catholic  so-called “church” is no church at all, because
the  English word Church (just like German Kirche, and Dutch Kerk)
derives  from  Greek  Kyriaké,  and  refers  to  “the  Lord”, and not to
the  idolatrous  cult  of  “our  Lady”.  As  aarrowHitler Youth, the Pope
certainly  did  not  learn  democracy,  nor did he in Hitler’s army, nor
in  the  Roman  Catholic  “Church”,  an undemocratic Monstrosity at
the  beginning  of  the  3rd  millennium  of  the common era. So let us
remember  that  Democracy  was  neither  invented  in  Bavaria nor in
Portugal,  but  in the United States of America by Protestants, whom


Ed  Metzler

It  took  a  herd  of  Saudi  swine, obsessed by the
cursed  Koran  of  the  false  prophet Mohammed,
who  perished  on  September  11,  2001  like  the
pigs possessed with devils in the Gospel according
to   Saint  Matthew  (8,  2832),  for  America  to
wake  up  and  face  reality.36)  Never  before  has
the   English-speaking  Western  World  had  such
an  encounter with a killer-religion since the defeat
of  the  Spanish  Armada  by  Sir  Francis  Drake
in   1588.   More  than  a  thousand  years  earlier,
only  a  century  after  Mohammed had concocted
hisarrowcultural  virus  stew  for a new mass delusion
from  the  worst  of  Christianity and Judaism, the


Pope  Ratzinger  andarrowCardinal  Levada  have  the  nerve  to  call:
“No  Churches  in  the  proper  sense”  (cf.  Notearrow34 supra). For in
the  megalomaniac  world-view of  the Roman Catholic killer-religion
shared  by  Islam,  there  is  no  room  for  religious  pluralism, which
is  the  basis  for  pluralistic  societies,  and  Western  Democracy. It
explains  why  it  is  wellnigh impossible to export democratic values
to  Islamic  or  Catholic  countries,  because  they  lack what we owe
to  “Churches  in  the  proper  sense”, such as those of the Baptists,
the  Quakers  or  the  Pilgrim  Fathers, who  found refuge in America
from  persecution  by  the  Roman  Catholic  idol  worshippers,  who
still  display  iron  cages  for  Anabaptist  corpses  on the steeple of
their  “church”  inarrowMünster,  wherearrowRatzinger  taught.
            36)  Of  the  19  murderers  ofarrowSeptember  11,  2001, 15 were
fromarrowSaudi  Arabia, 2 from the Emirates, one from Egypt, and one
from  Lebanon,  worshippers of  Satan, whom they call Allah “God”.


Evolution  of  God

first  onslaught  of  frenzied Mohammedan swine
was  wiped  out  in  732  byarrowCharles Martell at
Tours  andarrowPoitiers  in  France.37)
       §  13.  The  last attempt by Islam on Europe
was   fended   off  in  1683  before  the  gates  of
Vienna  byarrowPrince Eugene of Savoy, who drove
the  Turks  through  Hungary  back  to  Belgrade,
Serbia,  until  they  had  to  go  home  to  Asia at
the  end  of  World  War  I,  Constantinople  and
a  small  area around it being their only hold-over
in   Europe.  All  the  while  England  as  well  as
Western   Europe,  and  America  never  worried
about  Islam. In England the Glorious Revolution


            37)  For  a  moment  I  hesitated  to  call them “swine”, but on
second  thought  it seems quite appropriate to express my contempt
for  anarrowanti-Semitic  killer-religion,  whose unholy book, the Koran
(5,  60  et  passim)  speaks  of  Jews asarrowpigs and apes. Genocide is
its  evil  message, since the Arab Jewish tribe of thearrowQurayza was
butchered  by  Mohammed,  until  one  million  Armenian  Christians
werearrowmurdered  by  the  Turks  in  191517. There is only one way
to   handle  the  Mohammedan  killers  and  spoilers,  and  that  is  to
kill  them,  before  they  kill  you.  Thanks  to my Frankish ancestors,
Europe  did  not  suffer  the  same  fate  as  Persia,  which  in  63744
was  conquered  by  the  Arabs,  and  lost  her  Aryan  identity,  that
survives  only  in  the  name  Iran, and  in thearrowZoroastrian religion
of  the  Parsees  in  India.  Due  to the splendid isolation of  England
on  the  British  Isles,  and  of  her  colonies  in  early  America,  both
never  felt  threatened  by  Islam,  but  must  face  it  now.


Ed  Metzler

of  1688  won,  making  William  of  Orange  III
King  of  England,  and  through its Bill of Rights
and   the   philosophy   of  John  Locke  laid  the
foundations  for  thearrowFrench  and the American
Revolution a century later.38) Freedom of religion
was  first  granted  to  Protestant dissenters, such
as  Baptists,  Quakers,  and  others,  all  peaceful
and  harmless  people,  who  settled  in  America,
and  made  it  a  haven  of  Liberty.39)
       §   14.  Criminal  liability  of  killer  religions
is  a  legal  problem  that  must  be  analyzed  for
Islam  as  it  was  for  Roman  Catholicism in the


            38)  Soon   after  the  United  States  of  America  had  gained
independence,  they  were  paying  ransom  for kidnapped sailors to
thearrowBarbary  states  Algiers,  Tripoli  (Libya),  and Tunis. This led
to  the  Barbary Wars, in which Commodore Decatur distinguished
himself (1815). Prior to this war, Thomas Jefferson, then ambassador
in  Paris,  tried  in  vain  to  negotiate  a  peace treaty with the envoy
of  the  Pasha  of  Tripoli  to London Sidi Haji Abdul Rahman Adja.
When  Jefferson  inquired  of  himarrow“concerning the ground of the
pretensions  to  make  war  upon  nations  who  had  done  them  no
injury”, the  ambassador  of  Tripoli  replied:  “It was written in their
Koran,  that  all  nations  which  had not acknowledged the Prophet
were  sinners,  whom  it  was  the  right  and  duty  of  the faithful to
plunder  and  enslave;  and  that every mussulman who was slain in
this  warfare  wasarrowsure  to  go  to  paradise.”
            39)  In  order  to  keep  it that way, the American legal system
should never have allowed mass immigration from Islamic countries,
which  has  changed  the  face  of  America  in  the last 50 years. On


Evolution  of  God

days   when   John   Locke   wrote  his  “Letter
on  Toleration”  during his Dutch exile, inspired
by  the  revocation  of  thearrowEdict of  Nantes in
1685  by  Louis  XIV  of  France,  who  bribed
James  II  Stuart  for  the  forced  reconversion
of  England  to  Roman  Catholicism,  while the
Inquisition raged in Catholic countries.40) Under
these  circumstances,  John  Locke was right to
deny  religious  toleration  to  Roman  Catholics
as  potential  traitors,  who  owe  allegiance to a
foreign   power.   They  ‘are  not  to  enjoy  the
benefit  of  toleration, because where they have
power   they  . . .  deny   it   to  others.’41)  The


the  contrary,  totalitarian  ideologies  and religions with aarrowrecord
ofarrowreligious  violence  should  be  outlawed  by  statute, and  not
upheld  by  the  Constitution,  they  seek  to  overthrow.
            40)  After  the  Puritan Revolution of Oliver Cromwell, there
was  no  chance of converting England back to Roman Catholicism.
During  the  English  Republic  or  Commonwealth  under  the  Lord
Protector  Oliver  Cromwell,arrowJews  were  readmitted  to  England.
From 163744,arrowPrince John Maurice ofarrowNassau-Siegen was in
Dutch  Brazil, as Admiral of the Dutch West India Company, where
he  founded the firstarrowsynagogue in the New World. After he left,
the  Jews  moved  to  New  Amsterdam,  i.e.  New  York.
            41)  Quoted  from  John  Locke,  A  Letter  on  Toleration  or
“Epistola  de  Tolerantia”,  edited  byarrowRaymond  Klibansky,  and
J.  W.  Gough,  (Oxford  1968)  pp.  xxxiv,  34,  19,  and  36. In other
words,  InternationalarrowReciprocity  of  religious freedom demands


Ed  Metzler

same  nowadays  is  true  for  Islam,  who  makes
it  a  religious  duty  to  force  all into submisssion
to  this  infamous  killer-religion.42) 

E.  From  Deification  to  the  Rejurification
of  the  Tablets  of  the  Law:
Back  to  Moses!

       §   15.   Jerusalem   is  thearrowworld capital  of
idol  worship  and  religious  folly,  ever  since  its
First  Temple,  as  well  as  its  walls  round about
were  built by KingarrowSolomon-Thutmosis II, after
whom  it  is  named.  Let  the  religious  crackpots


that  Jews,  Christians,  and  Buddhists  from  the  United  States of
America  must enjoy the samearrowreligious freedom in Saudi Arabia,
Turkey,  and  other  Islamic  countries  as  Saudis  and Turks enjoy
in  America  and  Europe.  We  must  not  let  them  take  advantage
of  our  religious  toleration,  while  they deny it to us. All mosques
must  be  shut,  untilarrowchurches  and  synagogues  may be built in
Saudi  Arabia: Toleration means intolerance to the intolerant!
            42)  As Voltaire exclaimed,arrow“Écrasez  l’Infâme!” i.e. Crush
the  infamous  one,  referring  to  the  Roman  Catholic  Church and
the  massacre  ofarrowSt.  Bartholomew,  or  just  as  well to Islam and
the  attacks  of  September  11,  2001.  The Third Barbary War must
be  fought  against Saudi Arabia, whose infamous religion teaches
toarrowplunder,  enslave,  and  kill  all  who  reject  their  Prophet.


Evolution  of  God

from  Mecca  and  Rome  believe  their own lies:
Never  did  their  false  prophet  Mohammed  set
foot  into  Jerusalem  nor  ride  on  horseback to
heaven  from  our  Temple  Mount.43)  Never did
a  poor  Jew  from  Nazareth arise from the dead
in  Jerusalem  nor  did hearrowascend from there to
heaven  nor  will  any  humans  live  after  death,
least  of  all  does  this  religious  nonsense  grant
them title to our Promised Land of Israel.44) The
city  of  David, also known as Zion, after whom
“Zionism”  is  named,  is generally believed to be


            43)  The  Arabs  invaded  Israel  only  in  634  C.E.,  and  took
Jerusalem  only  inarrow638  C.E.  from the Eastern Roman or Byzantine
Empire,  while  Mohammed  had  died  already  in  632 C.E, and Omar
was  his  successor  or  Caliph,  when  Jerusalem  surrendered. Islam
claims  toarrowsupersede  all  other  religions, as  Christianity claims to
replace  Judaism,  and  hence  introduced  a  new  era,  which begins
in  622  C.E.,  i.e.  6+2+2=10  years  before  Mohammed’s  death, and
thus  establishes  a  similararrownumerical relation with the Exodus era
as  Christianity  does.  The  trouble  with  the  Islamic  era  is  that  it
cannot  even  count  the  number  of  years  correctly.
            44)  The  Koran  (17,  104) recognizes Israel’s Promised Land,
which Arab Nazis, such as Hitler’s friendarrowHusseini, the infamous
Mufti   of   Jerusalem,  and  his  kin  (Arafat  etc.),  forget.  Life  after
death  is  the  conditio  sine  qua  non  of  the  Christian and Islamic
belief   systems,  which  will  collapse  without  it,  whereas  Judaism
with  all  of  its  613 Commandments (6+1+3=10), recalling thearrowTen
so-called  “Commandments”  of  the  Decalogue of Moses, does not
contain one that requires believing. Thearrow19 Islamic religious fools
never  resurrect  to  see  the  criminal  folly  of  their  belief.


Ed  Metzler

part  of  Jerusalem’s  Old  City,  while it actually
is identical witharrowThebes, Egypt, on the Nile, the
Full  River  (Millo)  in  biblical  Hebrew.45)
       §  16. Instead of Zion, I preferarrowShiloh, the
capital  of  the  ancient  Republic  of  Israel, also
as  seat  for  the  modern State of Israel, I prefer
Shilonism   to   Zionism,  and  to  all  the  rotten
splendor  of  royal  idolatry.  A Tikkun is needed,
an  emendation  of  previous  mistakes, when we
refused   to   listen  to  Samuel’s  solemn  protest
against  the  introduction  of  monarchy.46) Let us
return  (Teshuvah)  back to Moses, and continue
where  the  last  Supreme  Judge  (Shofet) of our


            45)  The  characteristic  of  the  river  Nile in arid North Africa
like  thearrowColorado  River  in Arizona and Southern California is its
year-round  fulness  or  Hebrew  Millo, whence Nilo, cf. Ed Metzler,
Conflict  of  Laws  (N.  14)  p.  30  Notearrow50.  The  Arabic  name  for
Egypt  Misr  is  also  borrowed  from  Hebrew Mitzrayim and means
the  land  of  oppression  (Metzarim),  where we were slaves before
we  left  in  our  Exodus  from  Egypt,  see  above  Notearrow7.
            46)  The  prophet  Samuel solemnly protested (Ha‘ed Ta‘id)
against  the  introduction  of  monarchy,  but  the  people  of  Israel
“refused”  to   listen  to  him (1. Samuel 8, 9 and 19), see Ed Metzler,
Discovering  Mosaistics  (N.  1)  p.  147  Notearrow43; and Conflict of
Laws  (N.  14)  p.  32  Notearrow54.  Thearrowgolden age of Israel under
King  Solomon-Thutmosis  II  (ca. 950 B.C.E.) is generally misdated
in  ancient  Greek  andarrowEgyptian  history: Jerusalem is mentioned
in  thearrowAmarna  letters  asarrowUrusalim  (ca.  850  B.C.E.).


Evolution  of  God

ancient  Republic  left  off,  when  the  people of
Israel  decided  in  favor  of  monarchy.47) At the
beginning  of  the  3rd millennium (common era),
monarchies  are  a  matter  of  the  past,  at  best
a  glorious  past  as  in England and Holland, and
at  worst  a  sign  of  a  retarded  people  like the
Sowdyism  ofarrowArabia,  whereas  Israel  with its
ancient  Republic  has  served  as  an example in
modern  political  theory  of  Althusius.48)
       §  17.  Back   to   Moses!  This  means  the
historical Moses, the judge, legislator, statesman,
and  teacher  (Moreh)  of  his  Torah  “teaching”


            47)  The  quest  for  the  historical  Moses  must  take  account
of  the  fact  that  much  of  the  Hebrew  Bible  was  composed  later,
and  may  retroject  conditions of  the First Temple period backwards
to  Mosaical  times.  For  instance,  the idol worship surrounding the
Ark  of the Covenant (ha-Aron) is blamed on Aharon, the legendary
ancestor  of  priests  in  the  story  of  the  Golden  Calf, even though
there  is  no  room  for  the  priesthood  of  Aharon  next to Moses. In
Exodus  16,  33,  Moses  ruled  on  thearrowArk,  notarrowAharon.
            48)  On  Althusius  cf. Ed Metzler, Western Philosophy (N. 8)
p.  31  Notearrow 51; and  Daniel  J.  Elazar, Althusius and Federalism
as  Grand  Design, in Daniel ElazararrowPapers at the Jerusalem Center
for  Public  Affairs. A few years ago, I coined the wordarrowSowdyism
in  analogy  to  rowdyism  in  order  to  denote  the  Arab  perfection
of  religious madness, thatarrowThomas Jefferson already got to know.
As  in  the  Barbary  Wars,  this  is  mainstream  Islam, for whom the
murderers  of  9/11 are good religious boys. We mustarrowdistinguish
killer-religions  from  the  traditional  American  religions.


Ed  Metzler

from  the  Sinai.49)  But  unlike  illiterates,  such as
Jesus  and  Mohammed,  who only talked, without
leaving  any  writings  of  their  own  to  posterity,
Moses  wrote  his  two  Tablets  of  the  Law, and
must  also  be  credited  with  the  invention of the
Original  Alphabet  as  well  as  thearrowMosaical arts
and  sciences.50)  Thus  I  set out, 25 years ago, to
reconstruct the Mosaical Tablets of the Law from
the  well-preserved Decalogue texts, and was able
to  verify  my  results, because my reconstruction
fits  like  a  glove  into  the  box.51)  Besides  what


            49)  The  Torah,  free  from  all  supernatural  embellishments,
is  in  keeping  with  the  skepticism of  Late Middle Kingdom Egypt
in  1441  B.C.E.,  when  the  Exodus  took  place.  This is reminiscent
of  thearrowquest  for  the  historical  Jesus,  in  the  excellent  work of
David  FriedricharrowStrauß,  Das  Leben  Jesu,  as translated by the
admirable  George  Eliot,  aliasarrowMary Ann Evans. The refinement
in  the  arts  and  crafts,  especially  in  stone  masonry  and  jewelry
of  12th-dynasty  Egypt,  is  reflected  in  the metrological precision
of  the  2  stone  Tablets  of  Moses  from  the  Sinai.
            50)  As  the Latin saying goes, Verba volant, scipta manent,
in  particular  if  inscribed  in  stone,  and handed down to posterity
by  thearrowmeticulous  scribal tradition of  the people of  Israel, who
received  the  Original  Alphabet fromarrowMoses. The uniqueness of
the  one  and  only  alphabetical  order  of  22 letters is a distinctive
trait  of  every  alphabet  in  the  strict  sense,  because  the number
of  possible  sequences  in  the arrangement of  22 letters is billions
of  thousands  of  billions  or  thearrowfactorial  of  22!  Therefore,  all
alphabets  in  the  strict  sense  derive  from  one Original Alphabet.
            51)  The  Ark  of  the  Covenant  of  YaHUH  is  a  box  made


Evolution  of  God

I   was   looking   for,  I  found  the  Pythagorean
geometry  of  the  Ark  of  the  Covenant,  and its
relevance  forarrowMusical  theory, I discovered that
the  legendary  broken  tablets  were  fractions  of
the  Tablets  of  the  Law.52)
       §   18.  Some  of  the  greatest Jewish minds
of  the  twentieth  century  have  noticed  that the
10  Sephirot,  which  are  the  central  concept of
Jewish  mysticism  known  as  Kabbalah,  bear  a
great  resemblance  to  the  Greek  philosophy of
Pythagoras.  Yet,  none  of  them  dared to think
that  Pythagorean philosophy was borrowed from


out   of  acacia  wood,  for  transporting  the  two  stone  Tablets  of
the Law of  the Torah of Moses from the Sinai to our Promised Land
of  Israel.  In  mid  July of  1983, my legal analysis of  the Decalogue
texts  led  to  the  conclusion  that  the  inscription  on the 2 Tablets
of Moses hadarrow10  boustrophedon lines of  32 letters each, whence
I  inferred  that  each  tablet  was  10 letter-units wide, 15 letter-units
high,  and  one  letter-unit  thick.  Since  thearrow15  letter-units match
the  1.5  cubits  width  of  the  Ark,  I  knew  I  was  right.
            52)  This  was  a  piecemeal  process:  When I first published
the  first  German  edition  of  thearrowTORAH  OF  THE  ALPHABET
(N.  5),  Herborn  1983,  pp.  31  and  51, I was satisfied to know that
my  textual  conclusions  were  supported  by  thearrowempirical  data
of  the  Ark  of  the Covenant, see above Note 51. Next I asked why
Moses  chose  these  measurements  for  his  Tablets  and  the  Ark,
and  found  that  thearrowDeus  Geometra  already knew the numbers
3,  4,  and  5  almost  1000 years beforearrowPythagoras. Next I found
that  thearrowbroken  tablets  were  mathematical  fractions.


Ed  Metzler

Israel.53)  This  leads  to  the  absurd  conclusion
that  the  Ten  Commandments, the 3D structure
of  which  I  discovered  in  1983, and proved to
contain  the later so-called Pythagorean numbers
almost  1000  years  before Pythagoras,  should
be  borrowed  by  Moses  from Pythagoras, and
not  vice  versa  by ancientarrowGreece from Israel,
as it actually was. This preposterous assumption
amounts  toarrowculture-related  anti-Semitism, and
if  uttered  by  Jewish  scholars, bears witness to
Jewish  self-hatred,  which  some day soon must
give  way  toarrowJewish  national  pride.54)


            53)  Cf.  Martin  Buber,  Vom  Geist  des  Judentums,  (1st  ed.
Leipzig   1916)   p.  103,  who  refers  to  the  Sefer  Yetzirah  as  “das
pythagoreisierende  Buch der Schöpfung”, i. e. a “pythagoreanizing
book”; Leo  Baeck, Aus drei Jahrtausenden, (Tübingen 1958) p. 256
sees  an  influence  of  the  neo-Platonic  philosophy  of  Proclus on
the  Sefer  YetzirahGershom  Scholem,  Kabbalah (Jerusalem 1974)
p.  27  prefers  “neo-Pythagorean  and  Stoic  influences.”  However,
none  dared  to  suggest,  before  I did, that Pythagoreanism derives
fromarrowJudaism,  a  deplorable  lack  of  Jewish  self-respect.
            54)  It  takes  courage  to  think  the unthinkable, to overcome
the  Jewish  Uncle  Tom  mentality  resulting  from  some  2500 years
of  foreign  oppression  since  the  destruction  of  the  First  Temple
in   Jerusalem:arrowSAPERE  AUDE!  Better  get  used  to the idea that
Pythagoras  got  all  of  his theories from thearrowJews, as Hermippus
of  Smyrna
  claimed,  and  I  was  able  to  prove.  After the rebirth of
the  modern  State  of  Israel in  1948,  I  wonder how long sovereign
Jews  need  to  regain  sovereignty  of  the  mind.


By    the    same    author:
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Discovering   the  System  of  Mosaical  Metrology
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the  Ten  Commandments

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Mosaical  Jurisprudence  and  the  Evolution  of
God  in  Mosaical  Religions

arrowAMMM VOL. 2, NO. 5 = ISBN 3-924448-13-2 
        “The    author    attempts   to   reconstruct   the
inscription   on   the   Tablets   of   the  Law,  and  to
prove  the  priority  and  centrality  of Hebrew script
in  the  world  history  of  writing.”

Bibliographical   Quarterly   of   thearrowJewish   National
and   University   Library   in   Jerusalem,   Israel,
VOL.   60,   NO.   12   (1986)   pp.   28788,   *304547.

ISBN  3-924448-13-2
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