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The Metzler Formula: One cubit equals the 3rd root of 4 Royal Bats.

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“excellent   and  like  a  miracle  in  its
scientific  reconstruction  of   genius
with  respect  to  alphabet, form, and
contents of the Tablets of the Law.”

arrowYosef  Rofe’  (November  13,  1984)


On Mosaical Matrixes and the Metzler Formula*

by Dr. Ed Metzler

Dr. Metzler-Moziani (Photo), The Metzler Formula

       §  1.  As  a legal scholar, I discovered in 1983
what  the Mosaical Tablets of the Law looked like,
how   the  text  of  the  Ten  Commandments  was
written  upon  them,  and  how  they fitted into the
Ark  of  the Covenant. This implied the design and
format  of the tablets, their geometry as well as the
vertical  and  horizontal  lines on them, which shall


            *Dedicated  to  Yosef  Rofe’,  a  great  scholar and former head
of  the  Alphabet Museum at the Ha-Aretz Museum in Tel-Aviv, one
of  the  first  to  have  recognized the scientific excellence of my work.


Ed  Metzler

henceforth  be  known as “Mosaical matrixes”. My
primary interest, of course, was the legal epigraphy
of  the  Decalogue.  As time went on, I discovered
that  Mosaical matrixes were used for a multiplicity
of  other  purposes, ranging from musical theory in
the  last issue of this series, to the two-dimensional
structure  of  our  alphabetical order, or the system
of  Mosaical  metrology, prepublished in 1985 and
forming  the  first  chapter of my last book entitled
the  Scientific  Study  of  the  Law  of  Moses and
Mosaical Antiquity
       §  2. One highlight of my work with Mosaical
matrixes  is  the  relationship  between  the biblical
measures  of  length,  volume,  and  weight.2)  It is


            1)   Cf.   Ed   Metzler,   DISCOVERING  MOSAISTICS,  Intro-
duction  to  the Scientific Study of the Law of Moses and Mosaical
,  Cumulative  Reprint  of AMMM (Archives for Mosaical
Metrology  and  Mosaistics)  vol. 1, nos. 15 with forewords by the
Rt.  Hon.  Lord  Hailsham  of  St.  Marylebone,  KG,  CH, FRS, DCL,
formerly   Lord   High   Chancellor   of   England,  and  by  Professor
Emeritus   Dr.   Johann   Knobloch,  University  of  Bonn,  Germany
(Herborn 1989) p. 24 Note 18, and pp. 29123.
            2)  As  I  wrote  seven  years  ago  (ibid. p. 195 Note 18), I am
still  amazed  at  the  fact  that  one  cubic  cubit of 44.63 cm actually
equals four Royal Bats of 22.2 liters each.


Mosaical  Matrixes

summed  up  by  the so-called “Metzler formula”,3)
first  published, though not in algebraic symbols, in
my book entitled “TORAH OF THE ALPHABET,
The Metzler Formula
[The printed graphics were replaced by their equivalents from this website]
Metzler Formula

Reconstruction  of  the  2  Tablets  of Moses in the
Original   Alphabet
”,   which   I  wrote  under  the
pen-name  ELIYAHU  MOZIANI.4)


            3)   The  correctness  of  the  above  formula  may  be  checked
with  a  pocket  calculator, and the empirical values by consulting the
Encyclopaedia Judaica on “Weights and Measures”.
            4)  Eliyahu Moziani,arrowTORAH OF THE ALPHABET, Recon-
struction   of   the   2  Tablets  of  Moses  in  the  Original  Alphabet
translated   from   the   2nd   German   edition   (1984)  by  the  author,
2nd  English  ed. (Herborn 1985), p.arrow50, where the length of a cubit
was  calculated,  for  the  first  time,  from  the  volume of a Royal Bat,
and  this,  in  turn,  from  the weightstones marked asarrowhalf a Shekel.


Ed  Metzler

A. The Mosaical Matrix in Alphabetical Analysis

       § 3.  The  Hebrew  Bible  constitutes the oldest
collection    of   alphabetical   literature   that   grew
around  the two Tablets of the Law of the Torah of
Moses  from  the  Sinai, the first document in alpha-
betical    script   after   its  invention.5)  In  antiquity,
this view was held by Eupolemus (ca. 150 B. C. E.)
who  is  reported  as  saying  that it was Moses who
invented  the  alphabet  in  the  Sinai, and taught the
people  of  Israel,  the  Phoenicians  got  it from the
Jews,  and  the  Greeks  from  the  Phoenicians.6) In
modern  times,  Hubert  Grimme,  late professor of
Semitic   languages  at  the  University  of  Münster,
Germany,  expressed  the  opinion that the Mosaical
Tablets  of  the  Law  were  one  of  the  first, if not
the  first  document  in  alphabetical script.7) Prior to


            5)   See  already  TORAH  OF  THE ALPHABET (N. 4) p.arrow18;
and  DISCOVERING  MOSAISTICS  (N.  1)  p.arrow89.
            6)   Cf.   Encyclopaedia  Judaica  (German  1930)  vol.  6  at  836.
            7)  His  opinion  was  based  on  the proto-Sinaitic inscriptions,
that  he  had  specialized in, being generally dated around the biblical
Exodus  date  (1441  B. C. E.),  cf.  Hubert Grimme, Die altsinaitischen
Buchstabeninschriften (Berlin 1929) pp. 2122 and 100109.


Mosaical  Matrixes

my   reconstruction   of  the  Tablets  of  the  Law,
therefore,  an analysis of the various aspects of the
original  alphabet  seemed  advisable,  last not least
the alphabetical order.8)
       §  4.  Wondering why the letters Tet and Taw,
in  spite of their obvious graphic and phonetic simi-
larity,  are  numbers  9  and  22  in the alphabetical
order,  and likewise why He and Chet are numbers
5 and 8, is the decisive question, which in spring of
1983  led  to  my  discovery of its two-dimensional
structure.9)   The   first  step  in  this  direction  was
dictated  by  the prime numbers of the 22 letters of
the  Hebrew-Phoenician alphabet, which resulted in
a  column of 11 consecutive letter-pairs, or pairs of
odd  and  even  (male  and  female) numbers, since
the  firm  alphabetical  order  has  always permitted
their  numerical  use.10)  The  next  step was to split


            8)  It  is  an  essential  element  of  every  alphabet  in  the strict
sense besides the graphics, phonetics, and semantics of letter-names,
but  has  so  far been ignored, see Ed Metzler, The Impact of Israel on
Western Philosophy, (Herborn 1993) p. 12 Notearrow18.
            9)    Cf.    DISCOVERING   MOSAISTICS   (N.   1)   pp.   93123,
especially pp. 101, 102 Note 12, and 103 Note 14.
            10) Ibid. pp. 100 Note 8, and 104105.


Ed  Metzler

[The printed graphics were replaced by their equivalents from this website]
The Mosaical Matrix in Alphabetical Analysis


Mosaical  Matrixes

this  oblong  column of letter pairs into two nearly
equal halves, and to place them next to each other
(see  nos.  14  on the facing diagram), so that the
letters  Tet  and  Taw,  automatically,  stand in the
same horizontal four-letter block [blue].11)
       §  5.  Similarly, the letters He and Chet are in
the  same  square  four-letter block on top of each
other,  if  its  two  lines  are  written  in alternating
directions  (boustrophedon).12) For consistency, all
16  letters above the Tet-Yod-Shin-Taw quaternity
have  also been arranged boustrophedon in square
four-letter  blocks,  while the two empty spaces at
the  end  are  filled  with the letters Aleph and Bet,
forming  a  bottomline four-letter block, that reads
Kol  Aleph-Bet    all of the alphabet (nos. 57 on
the  facing  diagram).13)  The alphabetical order fits
into  a  tablet  of  6 by 4, which coincides with the


            11)  This  yields  a  better distribution of letters on a didactic
tablet  of  6  by  4,  cf.  DISCOVERING  MOSAISTICS  (N. 1) p. 105.
            12)   Ibid.  pp.  106  and  108109.  My  didactic  table  of  the
alphabet is a 6-day course with 4 one-letter lessons a day, in which
the   letters   Tet-Yod-Shin-Taw  are  the  turning  quaternity  in  the
boustrophedon arrangement of four-letter blocks.
            13)  See  diagram  ibid. p. 106 Notearrow19, and p. 121 Note 54.


Ed  Metzler

biblical measurements of the Ark of the Covenant,
being  10 by 6 quarter-cubits.14) There is room in it
for  2  tablets  of  6  by 4 quarter-cubits each, with
The Alphabet in the Ark
[The printed graphics were replaced by their equivalents from this website]
The Alphabet
in the Ark

6  by  2  quarter-cubits  left  empty.15)  Half  of the
alphabet,  if  painted  on  the  bottom  of  the Ark,
would then be visible at a time.16)


            14)  Exodus  25,  10  =  37,  1:  it  is 2.5 (= 10 · 0.25) cubits long,
and 1.5 (= 6 · 0.25) cubits wide, i. e. 10 by 6 quarter-cubits.
            15)  Cf.  diagrams  on  pp.  13,  15,  18  no.  2,  19,  and 20 infra.
            16)  See  the  painted  coffin  from  12th-dynasty  Egypt in the
Bible  Lands Museum, Jerusalem (Ladders to Heaven, plates vi没ii).
By moving the tablets, the empty space [green] shows in the middle
or  at  the  bottom, cf. DISCOVERING MOSAISTICS (N. 1) p.arrow118.


Mosaical  Matrixes

B. The Mosaical Matrix in Legal Epigraphy

       §  6.  Why  the  Hebrew  Bible begins with Bet
(Genesis  1,  1), and not with Aleph, led me to view
the  story  of  creation as a “beta-text” or secondary
composition,   and   to   look  for  the  “alpha-text”,
which  served  as  its  primary source-model.17) The
most central text written by Moses on the two stone
Tablets  of  the  Law, and deposited 500 years later
in  the  Holy  of Holies of the Temple built by King
Solomon  in  Jerusalem  the Ten Commandments,
indeed,  begin  with  the  letter  Aleph.18) This to me
suggested  that  the  second  line on the second side
of  their  original  inscription  might  begin  with  the
letter  Bet,  and  in  mid July of 1983 resulted in my
discovery  of  the three-dimensional structure of the
Ten Commandments (see next page).19)


            17)  Other  beta-texts  are  the  New  Testament  and the Koran
as  well  as  the  Sefer  Yetzirah  and  the  Talmud (tractate Berachot),
see Ed Metzler, Western Philosophy (N. 8) p. 14 Notearrow21.
            18)   Cf.  DISCOVERING  MOSAISTICS  (N.  1)  pp.  22,  6971,
and  117;  also  p.  17  Note  1  on  Genesis  (be-Reshit) as secondary.
            19)  Ibid.  pp.  6191.  Even  today,  the  letters  Aleph  and Bet
stand for the front and reverse pages in talmudic quotations.


Ed  Metzler

[The printed graphics were replaced by their equivalents from this website]
The Mosaical Matrix in Legal Epigraphy


Mosaical  Matrixes

       §  7.  My  Tablets  of  the Law reconstruction
sprang  from  alphabetical text analysis.20) It proved
to  be  more  than  a  mere  hypothesis  because of
The Tablets in the Ark
[The printed graphics were replaced by their equivalents from this website]
The Tablets in
the Ark

fitting  like  a glove into the Ark of the Covenant.21)
Folding  the 10 lines length- and breadthwise in the
middle  yields  the  shape  of  the  tablets.22)  Every


            20)   The   reconstruction   was   first   published   under   my
pen-name  Eliyahu  Moziani  in  the  TORAH OF THE ALPHABET
(Note  4  supra).  The  renowned  Jerusalem  painter  and printmaker
Yitzhak  Greenfield  did  a  limited  number  of  prints from my plate,
which he calledarrow“The Moziani Sephirot” (facing page).
            21) For  its  well-known  measurements see above Notearrow14.
            22)   Cf.   DISCOVERING   MOSAISTICS   (N.   1)  pp.  7478.


Ed  Metzler

vertical  line runs 15 letters up, and 15 down, plus
one  on  top  connecting  front  and  reverse,  and
another  one between the lines, altogether 10 lines
of  32 = 320 letters. Hence each tablet is 10 by 15
letter-units,  and  one  unit thick, so that it consists
of  150  cubic letter-units, 15 letter-units matching
the 1.5 cubits width of the Ark.23)
       §  8.  By  fitting  the  Tablets  of the Law into
the  Ark  of  the  Covenant  we  get  their absolute
measurements  in  cubits.  Since  one  letter-unit is
one  tenth  of a cubit, known in biblical Hebrew as
Peka, a tablet is one cubit wide, 1.5 cubits high,
and  one tenth of a cubit thick.24) This leaves room
for one hand between the tablets, and between the
stones  and  the  wood on either side, adding up to
three  handbreadths  or  half a cubit, necessary for
handling  the tablets.25) However, they only fit into


            23)  Cf.  DISCOVERING  MOSAISTICS  (N.  1)  pp.arrow7981.
            24) On the Peka, see below p. 17 nos. 3 and 4.
            25) The empty space of one handbreadth = 1/6 cubit before,
between,  and  behind  the  tablets is exactly one Omer, a Mosaical
measure  of  volume,  mentioned  in  the  Book of Exodus 16, 3336:
1/6a · 3/2a · 1/10a = 1/40a³ =  2.22  liters,  an  ancient  Israelite  cubit
(a = ammah)  being  44.63 cm,  cf. The Metzler Formula p. 27 infra.


Mosaical  Matrixes

Moses and Pythagoras
[The printed graphics were replaced by their equivalents from this website]
Moses and

the  Ark,  if both have perfect right angles. For this
reason  they  use so-called “Pythagorean” numbers
(3 : 4 : 5), as the above diagram shows.26)


            26)  See  Ed  Metzler, Western Philosophy (N. 8) p. 7 Note 7.
The   duality  of  the  Mosaical  Tablets  of  the  Law  is  due  to  the
“Pythagorean”   number   of   4  half-cubits,  their  combined  width.


Ed  Metzler

C. The Mosaical Matrix in Historical Metrology

       §  9.  By  October  of  1984, I had realized that
the  Ark  of  the  Covenant  being  2.5 by 1.5 cubits,
and  the  number  2  of the Tablets of the Law, each
being  one  cubit  wide, represented the Pythagorean
numbers  3,  4,  and  5  divided  by 2. Next I figured
out  how,  on  the  basis of this knowledge, a cubit is
subdivided  into  6  handbreadths  or  10 letter-units,
as  can  be  seen  from  the  diagrams  on  the facing
page.27)  The  Star  of David results automatically as
an  auxiliary  geometrical  construction  for  drawing
the  lines  of  the  Ten  Commandments.28) Its oldest
undisputed  example  is  on  a  seal from the seventh
century  B. C. E.  found  in  Sidon  and belonging to
the  Jew  Joshua  ben  Asayahu.29)


            27)   Cf.   DISCOVERING   MOSAISTICS   (N.   1)   pp.   2425,
5459;  TORAH  OF  THE  ALPHABET  (N.  4)  pp.  2,  6,  8,  and 113.
            28)  Their  opening  words,  I am YaHUH (Yahuweh) thy God,
or:   I   (Moses)   SHALL   BE   your  judge  and  commander-in-chief,
explain  its  symbolic  significance,  see Ed Metzler, Conflict of Laws
in  the  Israelite  Dynasty of Egypt, (Herborn 1991) p. 24 Notesarrow 38
and 39; idem, Western Philosophy (N. 8) Notesarrow5 and 15.
            29)  His  theophoric  patronymic  bears  witness  to his Jewish
identity,  see  Gershom  Scholem,  Kabbalah  (Jerusalem 1974) p. 362.


Mosaical  Matrixes

[The printed graphics were replaced by their equivalents from this website]
Division of a Cubit into Handbreadths and Pekas


Ed  Metzler

[The printed graphics were replaced by their equivalents from this website]
The Mosaical Matrix in Historical Metrology


Mosaical  Matrixes

       §  10.  An Omer is 1/6 of a tablet, whether it is
divided  into  6  squares, horizontal or vertical rows
(see  diagrams  nos.  13 on the facing page).30) It is
The Broken Tablets
[The printed graphics were replaced by their equivalents from this website]
The Broken

subdivided  into  10  Manah  “portions”,  of  which
there  are  60  in  a  tablet.31)  Since  a  tablet is also
divided  into  150 cubic letter-units (diagram no. 4),
one Manah equals 2.5 Peka-cubes.32)


            30)   See   Ed   Metzler,   The   Mosaical   Roots   of  European
Musical  Theory,  (Herborn  1995)  pp.arrow1620.
            31)   The   vertical   Omer   of   diagram  no.  3  is  divided  into
10  portions  by  halving  every  second Peka-cube of diagram no. 4.
            32)  Cf.  Notes  12  and  25  supra;  idem  (N.  30) p. 19 Note 29.


Ed  Metzler

       §  11.  A  row of 10 granite Manah stones was
laid  in  front of the opening words “I am YaHUH”
of  the  1st  Tablet of the Law (below right).33) One
Shivrey Luchot
[The printed graphics were replaced by their equivalents from this website]

Manah  held  222  cm3,  and  weighed 600 grams =
50  Shekels  = 100 Beka.34) Between and behind the
tablets,  there were twice 15 granite Peka-cubes, all
wrapped  in  close-cropped  fleece.35)


            33)  Hence  YaHUH  is  its  proper  name,  cf. Notearrow28 supra.
            34)  See  Ed  Metzler,  Musical  Theory (N. 30) Note 26. While
an average Beka marked Bet-Koph-Ayin is 6.0 gm, would-be Shekels
witharrowX-like  marks  (maybe X = Taw for Thekel) weigh but 11.3 gm.
            35)   Ibid.  Notesarrow3133:  a  fleece  is  1/45  cubit  =  0.99  cm.


Mosaical  Matrixes

D. The Mosaical Matrix in Musical Theory

       §  12.  In  spring  of  1993,  I  discovered  the
relevance   of   Mosaical  matrixes  (above  p.  18,
diagrams  nos.  3  and 4) for musical theory, when
inquiring  into  the  various aspects of Pythagorean
philosophy.36)  The  geometry of the Tablets of the
Law  (cf.  p.  15  supra),  the holiness of their Ark
(Aron   or   Merkavah   “chariot”,   Greek  harma,
whence  “harmony”),  of  their  10 lines (Sephirot
“spheres”),   and  the  vegetarianism  of  a  kosher
life-style,  all are typical features of Jewish culture,
rather   than   merely   personal  idiosyncrasies  of
Pythagoras.37) The same applies to musical theory,
where  he  is  credited  with  the  invention  of our
diatonic  scale,  and the (intellectual) perception of
the  Harmony  of  the  Spheres.38)


            36)   See   Ed   Metzler,   Western   Philosophy   (N.   8)  p.  10
Notearrow14; idem, Musical Theory (N. 30) p. 5 Note 6, and pp. 1825.
            37)  Bertrand  Russell  speaks  of  his “curious psychology”,
cf. Ed Metzler, Western Philosophy (N. 8) p. 8 Notearrow10.
            38)  On  the  Jewish  blueprints  of  Pythagorean  philosophy,
ibid.   pp.   611;   DISCOVERING  MOSAISTICS  (N.  1)  pp.  2627
Notes  2527;  Musical  Theory  (N.  30)  p.  4  Note  2, p. 14 Note 20.


Ed  Metzler

[The printed graphics were replaced by their equivalents from this website]
The Mosaical Matrix in Musical Theory


Mosaical  Matrixes

[The printed graphics were replaced by their equivalents from this website]
Chart on Musical Frequency Ratios

       §   13.   The   frequency   ratios   resulting  from
Mosaical   matrixes   show   only   slight   aberrations
from    the   even-tempered   standard.39)   Since   the


            39)    Cf.    the    above    chart    and    the   facing   diagram   with
Ed  Metzler,  Musical  Theory  (N.  30)  pp.arrow2831:  The  middle of the
interval  c  :  c’’  =  1/4  is  the  square  root  of  1/4  =  1/2, and hence the
middle  of  the  Octave  (c  :  c’  =  1/2)  dividing  it  into  two  equal inter-
vals   is   the   square  root  of  1/2,  and  7/10  is  a  good  approximation.


Ed  Metzler

division   of   the  Octave  (c  :  c’  =  1/2)  into  any
number  (=  n)  of  equal intervals is the n-th root of
1/2,   and   hence  an  irrational  number,  the  main
problem  in  designing  our  musical  scale by Moses
in  1441  B. C. E. was mathematical.40) The solution
[The printed graphics were replaced by their equivalents from this website]
Chart on
Percentages of Interval Aberrations

was  found  by  mathematical  interpolation  from  a
good  approximation  for  the  middle of the Octave,
and   by   subdividing   each  half-octave  into  three
tones  or  six  semitones,  thus  supplying the precise
frequency  ratios  of our diatonic scale.41) Of course,


            40)  See  Ed  Metzler,  Musical  Theory  (N.  30) p. 29 Notearrow49.
            41)  The  precision  must  be  beyond  what  the  human  ear can
hear  and  what  the  human voice or musical instruments can produce.
Of   the   frequency  ratios  on  the  preceding  page,  all  are  less  than
1/8-tone  off  the  even-tempered  standard,  5 less than 1/16-tone, and
2  less  than  1/32-tone  (cf.  the  above chart). Already the quartertone
between  two  semitones  is hardly appreciated (ibid. p. 24 Notearrow39).


Mosaical  Matrixes

all  this  was  calculable  3 1/2  thousand years ago,
for  (7/10)2  =  49/100  and  50/100  =  1/2, so that
the middle of the Octave is close to 7/10, and each
half is easily divided into 3/10 and 3/15.42)
       §  14.  It  has  been  noted that Aristotle never
mentions  Pythagoras, but rather the Pythagoreans,
meaning  the  Greek-speaking Jews and the cultural
heritage  of  Israel,  so  that Hermippus of Smyrna
(3rd   century  B. C. E.)  is  right  in  claiming  that
Pythagoras  got  all  of  his  theories  (Torah) from
the   Jews.43)   Pythagorean   “musical   theory”   in
particular,  derives  from  the Torah of Moses, and
as  “music”  and  the  Muses  take their name from
Moses,  being  a  Graeco-Roman  deification of the
Mosaical  arts  and  sciences,  Pythagoras  lived in
the street of the Muses or Moses called “museum”,
the  “Judengasse”  or  Jewish  quarter.44)


            42)  This  explains  the  relevance of the Mosaical matrixes on
p.  18  supra,  of tenths and fifteenths for music (ibid. p. 25 Note 40).
            43)  See  Ed  Metzler,  Western Philosophy (N. 8) p. 6 Note 6;
DISCOVERING   MOSAISTICS   (N.  1)  p.  38  Note  16,  and  p.  149
Note  46;  Wilhelm  Capelle, Die Vorsokratiker (Stuttgart 1968) p. 99.
            44)   Cf.  Jaap  Mansfeld,  Die  Vorsokratiker  (Stuttgart  1987)
pp.  1267  no.  6;  and Ed Metzler, Musical Theory (N. 30) pp. 267.


Ed  Metzler

E. Deriving and Applying the Metzler Formula

       §   15.   How   the   “Metzler  formula”  derives
from  the  measurements  of  the Tablets of the Law
is  demonstrated  on  the  facing  page.45) The manna
[The printed graphics were replaced by their equivalents from this website]
Volume and
Density of Manah Weightstones

in  the  Omer  proved  identical  with  the volume of
the   Manah  weightstone.46)  Dividing  the  latter  by
the former yields the density of granite.47)


            45)  Cf.  Note  25  supra.
            46)   See  Ed  Metzler,  Musical  Theory  (N.  30) p. 17 Notearrow27.
            47)   An   alternative   weightstone-density   of   2.545 instead of
the  above  2.7,  results  from  using  thearrowspurious  Shekel  of 11.3 gm
(Notearrow34  supra)  by  dividing  50  ·  11.3  gm  =  565  gm  by  222  cm³,
which  may  be  due  to copying the Sinaitic granite Tablets of the Law
or  the  uninscribed  Broken  Tablets  (Manah-stones and Peka-cubes)
in  a  material  with  a  lesser  density,  such as the Jerusalem limestone,
cf.   DISCOVERING   MOSAISTICS  (N.  1)  p.  195  Note  16.  However,
Shekels  of  12.0  gm  are  also attested, see Abraham Eran, ‘Atiqot XV
(Ashdod IV), 1982 p. 96 with further references.


Mosaical  Matrixes

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Deriving the Metzler Formula from the Tablets of the


Ed  Metzler

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Applying the Metzler Formula to the Brazen Sea


Mosaical  Matrixes

       §   16.   In   March   of   1986,  I  applied  the
“Metzler  formula”  to  the  Brazen  Sea, which the
Bible  describes in cubits and Bats.48) Its description
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Diameter and
Height of the Brazen Sea

contains   the  metrological  function  expressed  by
my  formula.49)  Thus,  I  calculated the Brazen Sea
for the first time since its destruction.50)


            48)  As  to  method, Ephraim Stern is right to state that only
vessels marked Bat le-Melekh are to be used in determining its size
(Encyclopaedia Judaica, Weights and Measures, vol. 16, 380387).
Similarly,  I  relied  on  weightstones marked Bet or Bet-Koph-‘Ayin,
rather thanarrowspurious Shekels, which if genuine could as easily be
marked Shin or Shin-Koph-Lamed, but they are not.
            49)  See  DISCOVERING  MOSAISTICS  (N.  1) p. 24 Note 21,
p. 149 Note 45, and p. 195 Notes 17 and 18.
            50)  Ibid.  pp.  8283 Notearrow40. The height of the Brazen Sea
is  335  cm  =  7.5  cubits  instead  of  312  cm = 7.0 cubits, if its thick-
ness of twice 1 handbreadth (2/6 cubits) is taken into consideration.


Ed  Metzler

       §   17.   The   talmudic   measurements   of   the
Tablets  of  the  Law  are  another  application  of the
“Metzler  formula”.51)  The  passage  on the subject is
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Yosef Rofe' Comments TORAH OF THE

slightly  distorted  by  an  erroneous  insertion,  which
occurred   in  the  course  of  oral  tradition,  that  can
now  be  understood  and  corrected.52)


            51)    Cf.    Ed    Metzler,    Musical    Theory    (N.   30)   pp.   610.
            52)   A   thickness   of   3   handbreadths   or  0.5  cubit  is  absurd,
because  it  contradicts  the  notion  of  a  tablet,  sic  Asher  S. Kaufman,
The  Weight  of  the  Tablets  of  the Covenant, Where is Mt. Sinai? in
Niv   Hamidrashia   vol.  2223  (Tel-Aviv,  May  1990/Iyar  5750)  p.  29.
However, he adds to thearrowabsurdity by suggesting that one tablet was
6  by 3 handbreadths, and three fingerbreadths thick (ibid. p. 31). Hence
both  of  his  tablets  are  1  square cubit orarrow2/3 of one actual tablet, so
that   their   size   “does   not  harmonize  with  the  size  of  the  Ark”,  as
Asher   S.   Kaufman   agreed  in  a  personal  letter  of  January  18,  1995
in  response  to  Ed  Metzler,  Musical  Theory  (N.  30)  p.  9  Notearrow13.


Mosaical  Matrixes

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The Tablets of the Law in Talmudic Tradition


Ed  Metzler

       §  18.  The  calculation  below  is  based  upon
my  discoveries  concerning  the Tablets of the Law
of  the  Torah  of  Moses  from  the  Sinai,  and it is
simply  correct.53)  Ever  since it was published, and
[The printed graphics were replaced by their equivalents from this website]
Calculated from Beka Weights

presented  at  the Jerusalem International Book Fair
around  Lag  ba-Omer in May of 1985, I have been
hoping  for  a  breakthrough  of my discoveries, but
Israel sleeps, wake up or rest in peace.54)


            53)  Cf.  Ed  Metzler,  Musical  Theory  (N. 30) p. 16 Notearrow25.
There  is  no room for a double standard of cubits, a Solomonic cubit
of  44.65  cm,  and  a  Mosaical cubit of 42.8 cm, as Asher S. Kaufman
  contends.  King  Solomon’s Temple used the same Mosaical
cubit  of  44.63  cm  as  the  Ark  of  the  Covenant and the Tablets of
the Law in its Holy of Holies, for which it was built.
            54)   See   TORAH   OF   THE   ALPHABET (N. 4) p.arrow50 and
footnote;  DISCOVERING  MOSAISTICS  (N.  1)  p.  35  Note 9, p. 41
Note  23,  and  p.  49.  The Halakhah on the Tablets of the Law must
be distinguished from their Haggadah: Their weight is not designed
to  be  carried by Moses alone, but always in the Ark by several men.


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Brazen Sea

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