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         2-D structure of  the Ten Commandments  (Hebrew).
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The Moziani Sephirot
2-D structure of the Ten Commandments.
The renowned Jerusalem painter and printmaker Yitzhak Greenfield
did a limited number of prints from the author 's plate,
which he called "The Moziani Sephirot".

Folding the above 10 boustrophedon lines (Devarim) of 32 letters each
lengthwise and breadthwise in the middle yields the 3-D structure of the
2 Tablets of the Law (Luchot ha-Berit) of the Torah of Moses from the Sinai.

Reprinted from Archives for Mosaical Metrology and Mosaistics (AMMM) vol. 2, no. 4 (1997) p. 12
by courtesy of BAALSCHEM PRESS Verlag,
Bahnhofstr. 19, D-35745 Herborn 1,

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Know The  Metzler Formula  (named after Dr. Ed  Metzler)?                                          
                                        Answer: a  equals the 3rd root of 4 b                                                    
                                          (a =  Ammah, b = Bat le-Melekh)                                             
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