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Let’s not beat about the bush: King Solomon is Thutmosis II, the husband and half-brother of Queen Hatshepsut-Sheba of Egypt, and King David-Thutmosis I is the father of both, the founder of the Israelite (18th) dynasty of Egypt, which is generally dated some 550 years too early, as I wrote already 10 years ago, see Ed Metzler, Conflict of Laws in the Israelite Dynasty of Egypt (Herborn 1991).

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As the Bible states, “Pharaoh’s daughter” (1. Kings 3, 1) was “Solomon’s wife” (1. Kings 9, 16), for whom he built a palace next to his own (1. Kings 7, 8). The Bible introduces her by name as Queen Sheba (1. Kings 10, 1-13), who was the ruler of Egypt and Ethiopia according to Josephus Flavius, and identical with Hatshepsut, cf. Ed Metzler, Dicovering Mosaistics (Herborn 1989) pp. 182-183.

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Since King David-Thutmosis I is the father of Queen Hatshepsut-Sheba, King Solomon refers to her in his Song of Songs (4, 10 et passim) as Achoti Kallah “my sister, my spouse!” This explains, too, how it was possible that the city of Gezer, which King David had conquered, was given to King Solomon as dowry of “Pharaoh’s daughter”, see Ed Metzler, Conflict of Laws (Op.cit.supra) p. 14.

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The central problem of the Israelite (18th) dynasty of Egypt under the House of David-Thutmosis I was the conflict of matriarchal society in Egypt with the patriarchal system in Israel (Ibid. pp. 5 and 32). Queen Hatshepsut-Sheba, who had only a daughter, returned home with her enormous dowry after a divorce by consent, cf. Ed Metzler, Dicovering Mosaistics (Herborn 1989) p. 175 N. 35.

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Their separation must have looked like a Solomonic solution of their problems to King Solomon-Thutmosis II and Queen Hatshepsut-Sheba, because in Egypt their daughter was the heiress, who could marry her half-brother Thutmosis III making him pharaoh by marriage, while allowing Hatshepsut to be its de-facto ruler for the next 20 odd years, protected by her divorced husband in Israel.

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