Animation of Moon Phases:
   by Prof. Dr. Ed Stephan.

Moon Phases by Prof. Dr.    Ed Stephan, Western Washington 
University in Bellingham WA
HERBORN, Germany, Time:
Time by US Navy
GMT or BST plus one Hour

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Current Phase of the Moon:
Updates every 4 hours.   

Current Phase of the Moon by courtesy of the U.S. Naval Observatory 
in Washington,   D.C., U.S.A.
Photo of Judge Dr.Jur. Ewald 
(Ed) Metzler, Master of  Comparative Law, The Founder and Father of Mosaistics
Master of Comparative Law
The Founder and Father of Mosaistics, being the
Scientific Study of the Law of Moses
and Mosaical Antiquity

C o n t e n t s :
Baalschem Press logo: geometry 
of the Tablets of  the  Law -  Hexagram!
June 8, 1999
 Herborn, Nassau, Germany  – 

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Unforgettable memories: From 1954 to 1955, Judge Dr. Ewald (Ed) Metzler attended Berkeley High School in Berkeley, California, as an American Field Service exchange student, and would like to hear from former class-mates by email.

As a legal scientist, I had the privilege to discover in 1983 in Herborn the 3D structure of the Ten Commandments, and succeeded in reconstructing the two stone Tablets of the Law
of the Torah of Moses from the Sinai, complete and precise to the millimeter.

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Know The Metzler  Formula  (named after Dr. Ed  Metzler)?                                          
                                        Answer: a  equals the 3rd root of 4 b                                                    
                                          (a =  Ammah, b = Bat le-Melekh)                                             
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