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Master of Comparative Law
The Founder and Father of Mosaistics, being the
Scientific Study of the Law of Moses
and Mosaical Antiquity


 Herborn, Nassau, Germany   

Dr. Ed Metzler graduated from SMU School of Law in Dallas, Texas
Online Reprint of Ed Metzler, Discovering the System of Mosaical Metrology (Baalschem Press Herborn 1985).

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Mosaistics: Tablets of Moses reconstructed

Dr. Jur. Ed Metzler (alias Eliyahu Moziani) reconstructs Mosaical Tablets of the Law

Photo of 
Judge Dr.Jur. Ewald (Ed) Metzler, Master of Comparative Law, The   Founder and Father of 

Reconstruction of the Inscription on the Tablets of the Law from the Texts of the Decalogue by a Professional Jurist

Moses: A Prophet in Religion, - but a Judge and Legislator in Legal Science of Ancient and Comparative History of Law

In the year 1983, the Judge Richter a. D. Dr. Jur. Ewald (Ed) Paul Philipp Metzler (Master of Comparative Law) of Herborn, Germany succeeded in reconstructing the Mosaical Tablets of the Law, complete and precise to the millimeter, on account of his discovering the three-dimensional structure of the Ten Commandments. Thus, he became the founder of what he called Mosaistics, being the scientific study of the law of Moses and Mosaical antiquity.

Because of the context of the subject, a series of other discoveries followed: The Mosaical origin of the alphabet, which had already been claimed in antiquity by Eupolemus, and suspected in modern times by Hubert Grimme, late professor of Semitic languages at the University of Münster proved correct.

From the weights and measures of the Tablets of the Law derives the system of Mosaical metrology, and the hitherto unknown systematic relationship between the biblical measures of length, volume, and weight, which is expressed by the Metzler Formula. Historical metrology becomes part of the ancient legal history of Israel in so far as the Mosaical Tablets of the Law set legal standards as well as standards of weights and measures.

Illustration concerning Dr. Ed Metzler's Fayoum Exodus Route.
Dr. Ed Metzler's Fayoum Exodus Route

The graphical details of the Tablets of the Law, which were written boustrophedon in 10 lines of 32 letters each, were rediscovered by Metzler in the Sepher Yetzirah, one of the most ancient sources of Jewish mysticism known as Kabbalah. Hence it turns out to be a mystification of the graphical details of the Mosaical Tablets of the Law.

For the history of pre-Socratic philosophy and mathematics, the reconstruction of the tablets means that the theorems of Pythagoras and Thales of Miletus were already contained in the geometry of the Tablets of the Law (see update) of the Torah of Moses, which explains why there are two of them.

From the very same source, Pythagorean musical theory and religion of the holiness of the number 10 of the Ten Commandments, or rather of their 10 lines, the sephirot or spheres and their harmony can be explained. From it the Mosaical origin of European musical theory is mathematically derived, so that the etymology of the Muses can, indeed, be traced back to Moses as a Graeco-Roman deification of the Mosaical arts and sciences.

For general history the reconstruction of the Mosaical Tablets of the Law from the perspective of legal history means the identity of eighteenth-dynasty Egypt with the house of David-Thutmosis I, and of the city of David with Thebes. The central legal problem of this Israelite dynasty of Egypt was the conflict of laws of matrilineal society with the patriarchal system as to inheritance and succession to the throne.

This is also a forum for Questions and Answers concerning Mosaistics which are of general interest

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Dr. Jur. Ewald (Ed) Metzler, Master of Comparative Law, Richter a.D.
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MosaisticsBAALSHEMsee Tablets!


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