The Moziani Haggadah 
(Hebrew):                                        Ha-Mozi' Lechem min ha-Aretz, gam MOZIANI mi-Bet 
Quoted from Eliyahu Moziani, TORAH OF THE ALPHABET, p. 114
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The Moziani Haggadah

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In the spring of 1441 B.C.E., which is 480 years before King Solomon began to build the First Temple in Jerusalem (1. Kings 6, 1), the people of Israel came out of the land of Egypt, where we had been pyramid builders from the time of Joseph, the Egyptian Imhotep, who built the first Step Pyramid in Sakkara near Memphis, down to the last pyramids of Illahun and Hawara in Fayoum.

On Passover in the spring of every subsequent year, the people of Israel have always commemorated our Exodus from Egypt, beginning on the fourteenth day in the first month of the second year, as prescribed by the commandments of Moses (Exodus 13, 3-10 and Numbers 9, 1-5). Rigid observance of the laws about the Passover holidays makes Jewish chronology the safest of antiquity.

Illustration concerning Dr. Ed Metzler's Fayoum Exodus Route.
Dr. Ed Metzler's Fayoum Exodus Route

Yet, the historicity of the biblical Exodus date of 1441 B.C.E. is given up by the mainstream of modern scholars , including even distinguished Jews such as Professor Dr. Nahum M. Sarna of Brandeis University, Editor of the renowned American Academy for Jewish Research. In his book “Exploring Exodus” p. 9 he rejects 1. Kings 6, 1, and favors a 13th-century B.C.E. Exodus dating.

At the root of the evil is the fact that modern Egyptology, quite in keeping with the growing anti-Semitism in the second half of the nineteenth century, when it was established, all but exterminated the people of Israel from the books of History, almost a century before our physical extermination in the Holocaust, cf. Ed Metzler, Dicovering Mosaistics (Herborn 1989) pp. 176-177.

The biblical Exodus date of 1441 B.C.E. marks the catastrophic collapse of Middle Kingdom Egypt and the end of the pyramid age, usually dated some 350 years earlier, for Thutmosis III is generally believed to have reigned in the 15th century, while he really was the grandson of King David-Thutmosis I, see Ed Metzler, Conflict of Laws in the Israelite Dynasty of Egypt (Herborn 1991).
Omer Eliyahu Moziani, Baal ha-Sephirot

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