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Since my task was the reconstruction of the two stone Tablets of the Law of the Torah of Moses from the Sinai by analyzing the structure of the two texts of the Ten Commandments, regardless of when they were to be dated, I tried not to get involved in chronology, and used an Exodus date of 1270 B.C.E. in the first edition (German 1983) of my book TORAH OF THE ALPHABET.

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However, I was compelled to return to the biblical Exodus date of 1441 B.C.E. by what I had learned from my reconstruction of the Tablets of the Law about Israel’s metrological, etymological, and phonetic fingerprints on chronology. These present cogent proof of a cultural reception by Ugarit from Israel in the age of King Solomon being, therefore, contemporary with 18th-dynasty Egypt.

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The very peculiar system of Israel’s weights and measures, shared by Ugarit on the Phoenician coast off Cyprus, was attributed to pre-Israelite Canaan. Now we know that a Kikar of 36 kilograms is the weight of one of the Tablets of the Law, and its subdivision into 3000 Shekels, or 60 Manah of 100 Beka, results from the geometrical properties of the Mosaical Tablets of the Law in Israel.

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As the Bible tells us in Exodus 6, 2-3, the proper name of Israel’s national God YaHUH (Yahuweh) was not known before the time of Moses, who first used it as the second word on his Tablets of the Law. Originally, it was synonymous with Ehiyeh “I shall be” (Exodus 3, 13-15). In the First Temple, it became the divine name, mentioned in Ugaritic and Egyptian sources of the 18th Dynasty.

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The 10th century B.C.E is also the time, when the Hebrew-Phoenician alphabet was transmitted from Israel to Ugarit and the Greeks, many centuries after the Exodus, when Mosaical Hebrew had lost its “th”-sound, as can be inferred from the Zakhor-Shamor divergence in the texts of the Ten Commanments, cf.
Ed Metzler, Dicovering Mosaistics (Herborn 1989) pp.arrow87-91 and arrow112-113.

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