Group photo of post-graduate foreign law students at SMU 
(Southern Methodist University) School of Law in Dallas, Texas, taken in Austin, Texas on 
May 21, 1965 when being commissioned Honorary Texas Citizens by Governor John 
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From left to right: Texas Secretary of State Mr. Crawford C. Martin, holding documents dated 21. May 1965 with the Seal of State and signed by Governor John Connally, by which we were commissioned Honorary Texas Citizens, myself Ewald (Ed) Paul Philipp Metzler from West Germany, (Mr. NN, sorry don't remember his name), Mr. Enrique Perales from Mexico City, Mr. Rachman from Bangla Desh, Mr. Nakamura from Okinawa, Mr. Rao from India, Mr. Alfonso Elías from Lima, Perú, Mr. Narasimha Swami from Mysore, India, Mr. Chotileka from Thailand, Mr. Yukuzo Yamasaki from Tokyo, Mr. Chen from Taiwan, Mr. Zara from Saudi Arabia, and Mr. Mumtaz Khan from Pakistan. Some of our group were absent, such as Ms. Ivy Chua from Singapore, Mr. Tony Pacot from Canada, Mr. Rodríguez from Colombia, Mr. Gilson Souza from Brazil, Mr. Julio Steverlink from La Paz, Bolivia.

As a legal scientist, I had the privilege to discover in 1983 in Herborn the 3D structure of the Ten Commandments, and succeeded in reconstructing the two stone Tablets of the Law
 of the Torah of Moses from the Sinai, complete and precise to the millimeter.

P.S.: The old town of Braunfels, after which New Braunfels, Texas was named, is only about 10 miles from Herborn , both of them picturesque medieval cities with castles and many-centuries-old framework buildings.

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