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At many places in this web-site, the words referring to my formula on the hitherto unknown relationship between the biblical measures of length and volume are blinking in order to attract the reader's attention. After clicking at the Metzler Formula, a window with it will open. First of all, the interested, but critical reader is expected to take a pocket-calculator, and to verify the correctness of the formula as well as the empirical values by consulting the Encyclopaedia Judaica (vol. 16 at 379-380) on "Weights and Measures". Next, the reader should wonder how this formula was discovered, not by an archaeologist engaged in historical metrology, but by a legal scientist as a by-product to his reconstruction of the Tablets of the Law of the Torah of Moses from the Sinai.

The adjoining equations demonstrate how the Metzler Formula is derived from the measurements of the Tablets of the Law. Since it is obviously correct, the formula will hopefully serve as an inducement to continue by looking into my reconstruction of the Tablets of the Law.

In March of 1986, I applied the Metzler Formula to the Brazen Sea, a cylindrical vessel in the First Temple built by King Solomon in Jerusalem, which the Bible describes in cubits and Bats. In spite of its description, it could no longer be understood for two and a half thousand years, after it had been destroyed in 586 B. C. E., and the geometry of the Tablets of the Law had fallen into oblivion. Whatever these hitherto obscure biblical passages on the measurements of the Brazen Sea meant, the correct interpretation had to disclose the relation between cubits and Bats, thus postulating the metrological system which I discovered. As the adjoining equations demonstrate, the biblical description of the Brazen Sea contains the metrological function expressed by my formula.

The 10 cubits, which form a square, are generally misinterpreted as the diameter of a circle, namely of the Brazen Sea. Since its circumference would be approximately 31.4 cubits, while it actually was 30 cubits, the text must mean something else, because a difference of 1.4 cubits could not possibly have escaped notice, when measuring the vessel with a string around it. Therefore, the 10 cubits "from lip to lip" do not refer to the diameter of a circle, but to the distance between the opposite sides of a square. Neither this square nor its height of 5 cubits describe the shape of the vessel, but its cubic content of 500 cubic cubits, which are equal to 2000 Bat, as expressed by my formula.

Reprinted from Archives for Mosaical Metrology and Mosaistics (AMMM) vol. 1, no. 2 (1986) pp. 22 and 23 Note 40 by courtesy of BAALSCHEM PRESS Verlag,
Bahnhofstr. 19, D-35745 Herborn 1,

Metzler-Moziani (Photo), The Metzler Formula

During the more than 350 years of its existence, the Brazen Sea was a technological masterpiece of the time and a great attraction of the First Temple in Jerusalem, which could be inspected by many thousands of people, who came there every year on the three prescribed pilgrimages. Hence the circumference of the Brazen Sea amounting to 30 cubits is absolutely credible, all the more since each of the 30 cubits was subdivided into 10 parts known as Pekas. This being so, the scribes who drafted this passage of the Book of Kings could neither give the diameter nor the height as whole numbers, since because of Pi they are irrational. Obviously, they were well aware of their incommensurability, and found a good way out by stating that it was one handbreadth thick, and held 2000 Bat equalling 500 cubic cubits - described as 10 by 10 by 5 cubits. From these data, everybody may for himself calculate the diameter and height of the Brazen Sea to as many digits as desired. However, in order to calculate them, it is not sufficient to know that its cubic content was 2000 Bat, but also how much that is in cubits (ba-Ammah), or rather in cubic cubits, as shown by the adjoining calculations.

Reprinted from Archives for Mosaical Metrology and Mosaistics (AMMM) vol. 2, no. 4 (1997) p. 29 by courtesy of BAALSCHEM PRESS Verlag,
Bahnhofstr. 19, D-35745 Herborn 1,

The talmudic measurements of the Tablets of the Law are another application of the "Metzler Formula", see the adjoining equations and diagram. The passage on the subject (Nedarim 38a) is slightly distorted by an erroneous insertion, which occurred in the course of oral tradition, that can now be understood and corrected.

Reprinted from Archives for Mosaical Metrology and Mosaistics (AMMM) vol. 2, no. 4 (1997) p. 30 by courtesy of BAALSCHEM PRESS Verlag,
Bahnhofstr. 19, D-35745 Herborn 1,

Brazen Sea

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