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Adapted for the Internet from Archives for Mosaical Metrology and Mosaistics (AMMM) vol. 2, no. 4 (1997) p. 12 by courtesy of BAALSCHEM PRESS Verlag,
Bahnhofstr. 19,
D-35745 Herborn 1,

The adjoining Tablets of the Law reconstruction by Dr. Ewald (Ed) Metzler was first published in fall of 1983 under the pen-name Eliyahu Moziani in his book entitled TORAH OF THE ALPHABET (see below). The renowned Jerusalem painter and printmaker Yitzhak Greenfield did a limited number of prints from the author 's plate, which he called "The Moziani Sephirot".

The text begins in the lower right-hand corner on the front of the first tablet, and ends in the lower left-hand corner on the front of the second tablet. The first two words (marked red), each consisting of four letters, serve as the proper name of the document, just like the name of the "alphabet" derives from the first two letters in the alphabetic order. The second word is the archaic Hebrew form for "I shall be", which still has the original Waw instead of the later Yod. This is where the proper name of Israel's national God YaHUH (Yahuweh), which was unknown before Moses (Exodus 6, 2 -3), occurs for the first time in writing, being, indeed, synonymous with "I shall be" (Exodus 3, 13-15).

The text of the Decalogue runs boustrophedon in 10 columns of 32 letters each (15 up and 15 down, one on top connecting front and reverse, plus a turning-letter marking the space between the lines), without spaces between the words, in an uninterrupted chain of letters. The first line begins with the letter Aleph, and the second line begins with the word and letter Bet (marked red) on the bottom of the second or reverse side of the first tablet. The place where the text jumps from the first to the second tablet is the letter Koph of the word Poked (marked red) on the bottom of the reverse sides of both tablets. Originally, a Koph looked very much like a capital Roman "Q", and its tail may have been used to connect the tablets, the last letter of the first tablet being repeated, wholly or in part, on the second tablet.

The Ten Commandments bear witness to the phonetic, graphic, and semantic developments of the Hebrew-Phoenician language and script. The mere text (beli Mah), i. e. without any post-Mosaical interpolations, of the Decalogue according to the books of Exodus and Deuteronomy differs in only four letters (marked red), all of which are in the upper left-hand corner on the front of the second tablet, suggesting that they were rendered partially illegible by the same scratch. Why one version has Zakhor "remember" and the other Shamor "keep" is explained by post-Mosaical changes in Hebrew phonology and palaeography. The original Mosaical text must have had Dhakhor with a voiced "th"-sound spelled Tzadi at the beginning, which later became Zayin, cf. AMMM vol. 1, no. 2 (1986) pp. 27-31.

In the bottomline at the end of the text in the lower left-hand corner on the front of the second tablet, we find the letters Shin and Kaf (marked red), which is remarkable because of their numerical values (Shin = 300, Kaf = 20) giving the total number of 10 times 32 = 320 letters, cf. TORAH OF THE ALPHABET (see below) p. 120.

Test this reconstruction of the Tablets of the Law: It fits like a glove into their wooden box, the so-called Ark of the Covenant. Read about its geometry on this web-site, and how it relates to the geometry of the tablets. Find out why there are "two" Tablets of the Law (you may know the Yiddish joke on this matter, - which, of course, is not the real reason). The answer has to do with the question, why there are 10 horizontal and 15 vertical letter-units on each tablet. The number of letter-units was discovered in mid July of 1983 merely by analyzing the biblical text of the Ten Commandments, namely by counting from its initial Aleph to the letter Bet (see above). Therefore, it was important to confirm the result by finding out about this reconstruction:

It fits into the box! 

Brazen Sea

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