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ABCD = Ark of the Covenant, KLMN = Tablets of the Law, divided in two by line OP, each 2 by 3 half-cubits, hence their diagonals KM and LN (= EF = AB = CD) form Pythagorean triangles of 3 : 4 : 5 half-cubits, the diameters of the circle, the isosceles triangles formed by its radius, and the right triangles within the circle demonstrating theorems ascribed to Thales of Miletus (Exodus 25, 10 = 37, 1).

My Tablets of the Law reconstruction sprang from alphabetical text analysis. It proved to be more than a mere hypothesis, as the adjoining diagram shows, because of fitting like a glove into the Ark of the Covenant. Each tablet is 10 by 15 letter-units, and one letter-unit thick, so that it consists of 150 cubic letter-units. Since 15 units match the 1.5 cubits width of the Ark, we get their absolute measurements in cubits, one letter-unit being one tenth of a cubit, known in biblical Hebrew as a Peka. Hence each of the two Tablets of the Law is one cubit wide, 1.5 cubits high, and one tenth of a cubit thick. This leaves room for one hand between the tablets, and between the stones and the wood on either side, adding up to three handbreadths or half a cubit, necessary for handling the tablets.

The reason why there were two Tablets of the Law, and why each of them was 15 letter-units high is due to the later so-called Pythagorean numbers 3, 4, and 5, divided by two, yielding the numbers 1.5 and 2.5 known from the biblical measurements of the Ark of the Covenant, and from the number 2 of the Mosaical Tablets of the Law. Their combined width was 2 cubits, and their height, like that of the Ark, was 1.5 cubits subdivided into 15 letter-units of 0.1 cubit each.

The next three adjoining diagrams show an easy geometrical method of how the empty space of half a cubit between the tablets is divided into 3 handbreadths, resulting in a Mosaical hexagram. Similarly, the cubit can be divided into 10 equal parts, known in biblical Hebrew as a Peka, if one of the Tablets of the Law is placed in the middle of the Ark, and lines are drawn, as shown on the following three diagrams. Since the Ark is 2.5 cubits = 10 quarter cubits long, the width of one cubit on the opposite side of the tablet is also divided into 10 equal parts, resulting again in a Mosaical hexagram. This explains its symbolical meaning, for it results from drawing the 150 squares on each side of the Tablets of the Law, having Israel's national God YaHUH (Yahuweh) as their second word.

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