Pipes, What is jihad
In 732 Charles Martel defeated the Muslims at Tours & Poitiers saving Europe.
Islam attacks Europe
 EU anti-Israeli Bias
Euro Nazi - NO! No Antisemitism and Antizionism in the European Union!
EU Report on Jews
 Mufti, Criminal Ally
Husseini SS - Islamo-Nazism, Huseini, Arafat Osama, Muslims pro Holocaust.
Whitewashing PLO
 Islam in Sudan
Stop Islam: kills almost 1400 years, Genocide, Genorape.
Slaves in Islam
 The bigotry of jihad
Prince Eugene of Savoy beat the Turks 1683 before Vienna saving Europe.
Jihad on the U.S.A.

World War IV began on 9-11-2001: 80% of mosques controlled by Saudi Wahhabism, justifying Genocide of Infidels

U.S. Senate Resolution # 247 unanimously condemns anti-Semitic remarks at 2003 Islamic Conference in Malaysia
U.S. Senator Schumer: Saudis are main financiers of terror - Senator Schumer's letter to Ashcroft of Sept. 15. 2003
Why didn't USA investigate, prosecute, or retaliate against Saudi Arabia after 9/11? - Secret War Against the Jews
Outlaw Islam, the killer religion! - Stop Islamic Subversion! 
 - No mosques in the U.S.A., unless Churches and Synagogues are allowed in Saudi Arabia!
Wall Street Journal, Foggy Bottom's Friends, Why is the State Department so cozy with the Saudis? by J. Mowbray
WorldNetDaily, Global Jihad, Massive Boston mosque project tied to terror, Link with advocate of suicide bombing
A Sheikh:"One cannot win the war against terror without attacking Saudi Arabia, the headquarters of the enemy."
Ibn Sa'ud, Interview on Jews - No Churches and Synagogues in Saudi Arabia - Mecca and Medina to be vaporized

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