- Moses Tablets reconstructed!
Dr. Metzler-Moziani (Photo), The Metzler Formula
 Moses Tafeln  rekonstruiert!
of Israel
Dr. Ewald
 (Ed) Metzler
––  Photograph  taken  in  April  2000  ––   
alias Eliyahu 
As   a   legal  scientist,  he  discovered  the
3D  structure  of  the Ten Commandments
in  1983,  and  succeeded in reconstructing
the  famous  two stone Tablets of the Law
of  the  Torah  of  Moses  from  the  Sinai,
complete  and  precise  to  the  millimeter.

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82                            Ed Metzler

          §   14.   The  two  tablets  were  the  prototypes
of   ancient   weights  and  measures,  as  I  discovered
when    calculating    their    volumes   and   weights.38)
Therefore,   every   cubit   of   44.6   cm  measured  at
archaeological   sites   in   Israel  bears  witness  to  the
width    of    the   stone   tablets   of   Moses.39)   Every
vessel   of   22.2   liters   found   in   Israel   with   Bat
written    on   it   in   ancient   Hebrew   script   is   one
fourth  of  a  cubic  cubit,  and  six  Omers  (= 0.6 Bat)
or    0.15    cubic    cubits   make   up   the   volume of
one   of   the  tablets.40)  Likewise,  every  weight-stone


                    38)   Cf.   Ed   Metzler,   Mosaical   Metrology   (N.   9)  pp.  3–7.
One    tablet    weighed    36    kilograms    or    6000    Beka    of   6.0   grams.
                    39)   Ibid.   The   official   cubit   was   defined  as  the  width  of
one  tablet,  and  the  Kikar  as  its  weight.
                    40)   The   conversion   factor   of   cubic   cubits   and   Bats   is
contained   in   1.   Kings   7,   23–26:   The   sea   of   molten   brass   in  the
temple   of   King   Solomon   was   a   cylindrical   tank   with  a  volume  of
10   cubits   by   10   by   5,   i.   e.arrow500   cubic  cubits,  a  circumference  of
30   cubits,   and   a   capacity   of   2000   Bat.  Hence  one  Bat  (22.2  liters)
or    Ephah    (Ezekiel    45,   11)   is   0.25   or   1/4   of   a   cubic   cubit,   and
one   cubit   (44.6   cm)   is   the  cube   root  of  4  Bat  or  40  Omer  (Exodus
16,    36).    The   10   cubits,   which   form   a   square,   are   generally   mis-
interpreted    as    the    diameter    of    a    circle.   Since   its   circumference
would    be    31.4    cubits,    while   it   actually   was   30   cubits,   the   text
must    mean    something    else,    because    a    difference   of   1.4   cubits
could   not   possibly  have  escaped  notice,  when  measuring  the  vessel with   a   string   around   it.   Therefore,   the   10   cubits  "from  lip  to  lip"
do    not    refer    to    the    diameter    of   a   circle,   but   to   the   distance
between   the   opposite   sides   of   a   square.   Neither   this   square   nor

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Illustration concerning Dr. Ed Metzler's Fayoum Exodus Route.
Dr. Ed Metzler's Fayoum Exodus Route

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