- Moses Tablets reconstructed!
Dr. Metzler-Moziani (Photo), The Metzler Formula
 Moses Tafeln  rekonstruiert!
of Israel
Dr. Ewald
 (Ed) Metzler
––  Photograph  taken  in  April  2000  ––   
alias Eliyahu 
As   a   legal  scientist,  he  discovered  the
3D  structure  of  the Ten Commandments
in  1983,  and  succeeded in reconstructing
the  famous  two stone Tablets of the Law
of  the  Torah  of  Moses  from  the  Sinai,
complete  and  precise  to  the  millimeter.

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Ten Commandments                    85

simultaneously    as    the   initial   of   the   next   word
followed   by   a   defective  Alef:  YaHUH  (Yahuweh)
=  AHUH  (archaic)  =  AHIH  (Ehiyeh).44)
          §   16 .  My   analysis   of  interpolations  in  the
last   three   lines   of   the   Ten  Commandments  also
proved   correct,   for   my   text   without   any   post-
Mosaical   additions  fits  exactly  into  the  blank space
of    96    letters.45)    The   tetragrammaton   following
Lo  Tissa  et-Shem  "Thou  shalt  not  take  the  name"
(Exodus   20,   7   =  Deuteronomy  5,  11)  has  to  be


                    44)   Cf.   TORAH   OF   THE  ALPHABET  (N.  1)  pp.  107111.
The   word   ALHIM   (Elohim)   as   a   technical   term  of  the  law  of  the
Torah    incontrovertibly    means    "judge"   (Exodus   22,   8   et   passim),
and   hence   may   refer   to   Moses,   who   was   the   first  supreme  judge
(Shofet)    and    commander-in-chief    after    establishing    a    system   of
inferior   courts,   parallel   to   the   military   command   structure   (Exodus
18,    1327).    Both    Rashi    and    the    King    James   Version   translate
Elohim   in   Exodus   22   with   Dayanim  (English   "judges").   The  word
Elohim   on   the   Tablets  of  the  Law  occurs  in  the  same  legal  context (Exodus   20,   214),   and   means   "supreme   judge".  It  is  a  contraction
of   El   ha-Elim   "highest   leader"   as   in   Eley   Mo’av   "the  leaders  of
Moab"    (Exodus    15,    15),    with   a   superlative   comparable   to   Eved
Avadim    "lowest    servant"    (Genesis    9,    25)    or   Melekh   Melakhim
"king  of  kings"  (Ezekiel  26,  7).
                    45)   See   above   Note   21.   Interpolation   research  in  Roman
Law   was   opposed   for   centuries   by   traditionalists,   cf.  Fritz  Schulz
supra     Note     20.     However,     interpolation     research    of    the    Ten
Commandments    cannot    be    accused    of   butchering   the   traditional
text,    because   it   is   verifiable   by   the   geometry   of   the   Tablets   of
the   Law   (above   Note   42).   It   is   not   new   to   Jewish   thought,  and
was    practised    already    by    Rabbi   Akiva    almost   2000   years   ago.

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Illustration concerning Dr. Ed Metzler's Fayoum Exodus Route.
Dr. Ed Metzler's Fayoum Exodus Route

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