- Moses Tablets reconstructed!
Dr. Metzler-Moziani (Photo), The Metzler Formula
 Moses Tafeln  rekonstruiert!
of Israel
Dr. Ewald
 (Ed) Metzler
––  Photograph  taken  in  April  2000  ––   
alias Eliyahu 
As   a   legal  scientist,  he  discovered  the
3D  structure  of  the Ten Commandments
in  1983,  and  succeeded in reconstructing
the  famous  two stone Tablets of the Law
of  the  Torah  of  Moses  from  the  Sinai,
complete  and  precise  to  the  millimeter.

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Ten Commandments                    65

Knowing   the   structural   elements   is  a  prerequisite
for   discoveries   of   structures,   such   as   the   ring-
structure   of   benzole   by   Kekule   in   1865  or  the
double-helix    structure    of    DNA    by   Crick   and
Watson    in    1953.3)   Since   the   text   of   the   Ten
Commandments    is    probably    the    most    widely
known   ancient   stone   inscription,   which  has  been
completely     preserved    not    only    once    (Exodus
20,    214),    but   twice   (Deuteronomy   5,   618),
it   was   only   a   question   of   time  until  somebody
would   come   up  with  a  good  idea  for  discovering
their  three-dimensional  structure.4)

irretrievably    lost,    so    that    they    can   never   be   completely   recon-
structed,     although    attempts    at    reconstruction    have    been    made
by     classical     scholars    since    the    time    of    the    Renaissance,    cf.
Rudolf     Düll,     Das     Zwölftafelgesetz,     3.     Aufl.     1959     München,
pp.   911;   and   TORAH   OF   THE   ALPHABET  (N.  1)  pp.  16  and  17.                     3)   In   both   cases   the   component  parts  had  already  been discovered    prior    to   knowing   their   structural   arrangement.   Having
all    the    ingredients    of    a    cake   simply   does   not   mean   that   you
know    how    to    bake    it:    Discovering    structures,    whether    in   the
natural     or    in    the    cultural    sciences    such    as    jurisprudence,    is
a  creative  accomplishment  all  of  its  own.
                    4)    On    account    of   the   Dead   Sea   Scrolls   I   had   great
confidence     in     the    reliability    of    the    biblical    text    of    the    Ten
Commandments.     The     same     meticulous     care     taken    by    Jewish
tradition     in    copying    the    text    of    the    Bible    for    the    last    two
thousand     years     must    also    have    prevailed    ever    since    Joshua
first  copied  the  law  of  Moses  (Joshua  8,  3035).

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Illustration concerning Dr. Ed Metzler's Fayoum Exodus Route.
Dr. Ed Metzler's Fayoum Exodus Route

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