- Moses Tablets reconstructed!
Dr. Metzler-Moziani (Photo), The Metzler Formula
 Moses Tafeln  rekonstruiert!
of Israel
Dr. Ewald
 (Ed) Metzler
––  Photograph  taken  in  April  2000  ––   
alias Eliyahu 
As   a   legal  scientist,  he  discovered  the
3D  structure  of  the Ten Commandments
in  1983,  and  succeeded in reconstructing
the  famous  two stone Tablets of the Law
of  the  Torah  of  Moses  from  the  Sinai,
complete  and  precise  to  the  millimeter.

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72                            Ed Metzler

the    lines,    changing    the    writing   direction   after
every   line,   and   reducing   double   or   triple  letters
to    singles.17)    The   next   three   biblical   verses   of
the    Ten    Commandments    consist    of   one   long
compound   sentence   speaking   in   the   first  person
singular,   and   ending   with   "them   that   love   me,
and   keep   my   commandments"   (Exodus   20,  46
=    Deuteronomy    5,   810).18)   The   two   versions
are    identical    except    for    one   Waw   missing   in
Exodus,    and   another   in   Deuteronomy,   both   of
which   I   inserted.19)   Remarkably,   the   end   of  the
seventh   line   of   31  letters  coincided  with  the  end
of  the  grammatical  sentence.

                    17)   The   number   of   32   letters   per   line   is   given   at   the
very    beginning    of    chapter    1    of    the   Sefer   Yetzirah,   where   the
letters     are     called     Ketivot     (from     Katav     "to     write"),    but    in
Jewish-Aramaic     script    the    initial    Kaf    could    easily    be    misread
as    Nun,    resulting    in    complete   mystification,   and   the   "thirty-two
mysterious  paths  (Netivot)  of  wisdom".
                    18)   Although   the   word   Mitzwah  "commandment",  related to    Metzaweh    "commander"    (Isaiah    55,    4),    is   used   in   the   Ten
Commandments,   they   are   not   called   the   10   Mitzwot   in   the  Bible,
but   the   10   Devarim   (Exodus   34,  28),  which  means  the  "10  words",
literally   translated   into   Greek   as   "decalogue".  Since  it  undoubtedly
has   more   than   10   words,   the  concept  of  Davar  "word"  must  have
meant  something  else  originally.
                    19)   The   Waw   is   missing   before   al-Shileshim   in  Exodus,
and  before  kol-Temunah  in  Deuteronomy.

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Illustration concerning Dr. Ed Metzler's Fayoum Exodus Route.
Dr. Ed Metzler's Fayoum Exodus Route

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