- Moses Tablets reconstructed!
Dr. Metzler-Moziani (Photo), The Metzler Formula
 Moses Tafeln  rekonstruiert!
of Israel
Dr. Ewald
 (Ed) Metzler
––  Photograph  taken  in  April  2000  ––   
alias Eliyahu 
As   a   legal  scientist,  he  discovered  the
3D  structure  of  the Ten Commandments
in  1983,  and  succeeded in reconstructing
the  famous  two stone Tablets of the Law
of  the  Torah  of  Moses  from  the  Sinai,
complete  and  precise  to  the  millimeter.

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Ten Commandments                    79

Moses   beyond   a   reasonable   doubt,   even  though
they    have   been    inaccessible    for    nearly    three
thousand    years.31)    They   were   transported   in   a
wooden  box,  which  was  2.5  cubits  long,  1.5 cubits
wide,   and   1.5  cubits  high  (Exodus  37,  1).32)  Any
reconstruction    of   the   tablets   can   be   tested   by
whether   it   fits  into  this  box.  During  transportation
the   tablets  were  lying  side  by  side  on  the  bottom
of   the   box   with   their   length   fitting   tightly  into
the   width   of   the   box.   Hence  15  letter-units  are
1.5   cubits,   so   that   the   tablets   were   one   cubit


                    31)   After   the   abolishment  of  the  ancient  Israelite  republic its    constitution    was    buried,    as    it   were,   by   depositing   the   box
with    the    Tablets    of    the    Law   in   a   dark   and   inaccessible   room
known   as   the   Holy   of  Holies  of  the  temple  built  by  King  Solomon
in   Jerusalem   (1.   Kings   8,   612),   see  TORAH  OF  THE  ALPHABET
(N.   1)   pp.   18   and   103.   Before   the  destruction   of  the  First  Temple
in   586   B.   C.   E.   the   Ark   of   the   Covenant,   as   the   box   is  called,
and   the   Tablets   of   the   Law   as   well   as   the   broken   tablets   were
hidden    in    a    cave    by    King    Josiah,   so   that   they   may   still   be
waiting    to    be    found    in    a    Genizah,    cf.    Ed    Metzler,   Mosaical
Metrology  (N.  9)  p.  19.
                    32)   The   measurements   of   the   box   are   an   empirical  fact
of   great   reliability.   They   are   given   twice   (also   in   Exodus   25,  10)
in    exactly    the    same    words.    For   more   than   four   hundred   years
the    ark    was   open   to   inspection.   As   a   young   man   Joshua,   the
apprentice   and   successor   of   Moses,  always   stayed   near  it  (Exodus
33,   11).   When   Samuel   held   the   same   position   with   Eli,   he  slept
where   the   ark   was   (1.   Samuel   3,   3).   Its   measurements  have  been
carefully    handed   down   by   historical   tradition   (cf.   Note   4   supra).

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Illustration concerning Dr. Ed Metzler's Fayoum Exodus Route.
Dr. Ed Metzler's Fayoum Exodus Route

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